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Thread: BroodWar on ICCup

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    Damn, since I'm back in Tunis for the holidays I didn't even realize today is the 24th (we don't really do Xmas here)^^ I guess people are spending time with their families

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceDominator View Post
    To all of our ICCup folk, this upcoming Sunday(the 27th) @ 2:00 PM EST in the channel op BGN will be my newly found yearly BGN celebration for SC. Expect some gg's, some fun and a lot of reminiscing. Hope you can join us on ICCUP!
    People, this is going on right now, isn't it? Please, join!

    I'm doing something wrong, or there isn't anyone there? -_-;
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    Yes it is!
    Anyone who's up for some end-of-the-year BW (to finish the year nicely), please join us in channel "op BGN" on the iccup servers! You can add "koiosis" (spacedominator on the forums) if you're a bit lost

    I'm sure the staff is up for a few games! Come on Gradius and Sandwich_Bird! I know you play on iccup since we've already played there . And I'm sure there was a age or time when LoA also played BW haha xD

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    What day is it going to be on? If it's on iCCup I'm in (or will try my best to be there).

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    REDO plz

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    Could always pop on New Years Eve/New Years Day.

    I probably will be on Wed Night. Could always do another Sun Afternoon event as well..

    Twas a quite a bit of fun Sun even though my SC is so, so out of shape.

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    You play on iccup by the way now space?
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    Send me a message if you want to game.

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    I usually fainted. not good at all.

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    SC:L == GnaReffotsirk
    ICCUP == GnaReffotsirk
    Rank == D-

    I usually play 1v1. You can find me over on Iccup almost everyday on different times. Usually 12mn, 5am, 10pm, 3am (GMT +8)

    Uses Zerg and I host games mostly.

    My games are named SCL Practice or SCL Ladder, but mostly Ladder D- me Z [mapname].

    for example Ladder D- me Z FS <--- fighting spirit.

    or try Practice D- me Z [map name]. With "practice" it's a free for all game, so no ladder scoring. Just some good fun.

    I'm always looking forward to playing broodwar with you guys.
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    SinsWage is my IcCup account name also. I'm a D-- and looking to improve.

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