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Thread: Curious Zerg wall in?

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    Default Curious Zerg wall in?

    Hello I am a Default Terran Junkie player and I have noticed Zerg never does a wall in or a choke. And I was wondering if it's a viable option. like choke with Spines or Evos

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    It would cause a ground-centric army some trouble, I would think, but not air. Unless the zerg player's got spore colony or hydra support. 'sides, zerg are supposed to be the most aggressive of the races. They shouldn't ever require a wall-in due to their speed. They can run circles around a Terran ground army in nothing flat with zerglings.
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    Yeah I guess but it's just that when I Helly raid the Zerg i think that to myself.

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    Default Re: Curious Zerg wall in?

    It was viable in SC 1, no reason for it not to be viable in sc-2

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    Default Re: Curious Zerg wall in?

    The main reason it was viable in SC1 was that the Queen was a completely different unit. Now you don't need as many hatcheries with the inject larva ability.
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    Zerg spine crawlers are not made to be "solid" but can be moved around. If you want to test this, place a spine along the left edge of your hatchery and another hatchery on it's other side. It will block out some units like the queen, but zerglings/zealots/marines can walk on by.
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    Default Re: Curious Zerg wall in?

    yeah some units take 1x1 space to move while others (tank,queens,thor) takes 2x2

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    Default Re: Curious Zerg wall in?

    Hellions are always a problem, the zerg should be the aggressor anyways, if they are in your base that is bad, generally a wall of spines are great, i believe i heard people call this area "the nest" and its normally sitting past the natural.

    I do have problems with really early hellions, if i scout it out, ill just make extra queens... and mayyyyyybe some roaches if its that agressive...

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    Default Re: Curious Zerg wall in?

    Well, obviously the biggest problem is the creep. And you don't really need a second hatch in your main if you've got a queen, so to get creep over by the choke, you either need to sacrifice a larva spawn, get a second queen, risk an overlord, or build a hatchery you probably won't need. All of these are more expensive than it takes terran or toss. not only that, but zerg needs more bases than the other races to stay competitive, and a choke by your natural is usually wider than one by your main. This could be why it is rarely seen; though indeed with spine crawlers' ability to pick up and move, this could prove very useful, using spine crawlers as supply depots to create an easily traversible choke.

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