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Thread: unit combinations

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    Default unit combinations

    i confess, i do not own the beta...
    yes, mock me...
    but i have been frequently watching shoutcasts, youtube channels and livestreams and i'm asking the beta-users...

    what are your preferred unit combinations, why and what role do they fill?
    also what easily counters the build

    Example- sentry+stalker is oft a viable build, both being able to take on air, mobilty + support spells...
    but what do i know, i'm a newbie to you...
    i'm also interested to hear what combinations aren't used, even though they're potentially very useful...

    if a similar thread has been created i apologize and i know i probably sound like an idiot to most of you...

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    Default Re: unit combinations

    My favourite combination is M&M&M&G+Siege Tanks/Vikigns+Ravens

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    Default Re: unit combinations

    Str8 Battlecruisers..if u can get em up...ur not gonna lose lol

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    Default Re: unit combinations

    Quote Originally Posted by Codean386 View Post
    Str8 Battlecruisers..if u can get em up...ur not gonna lose lol
    str8 battlecruisers = str8 lost ,unless you are playing in the 'paper' league

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    Default Re: unit combinations

    Roach Hydra is often powerful as long as you move and attack when the roaches attack "cools down".

    Stalker (with blink), immortal moving into colossus but only use colossus when you get the range upgrade since they are SUCH a glass cannon and they get focused down very easily.

    Marine, Marader, Medivac is powerful but zerg infestors shut this down COLD with fungal growth. When playing as terran vs zerg I would recomend using Marader, thor, medivac since thors can one shot infestors and roaches and hydralisks and do terrible terrible damage to mutalisks.

    Tanks for terrans is like salt, its always usuful but not always nessacery. I like having one or two for base defense but I like thors more most of the time.

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    Default Re: unit combinations

    would it be a good think to make the colossi start with the upgraded range...
    as i have never seen anyone not go for range instantly...

    does anybody here go for m&m alongside with medivacs with zerg much in 2v2?

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    Default Re: unit combinations

    range of upgraded collusi is as high as siege tank sieged so its definitely better in fights as most people tend to target the collisi first and u want to keep your 300min200gas walker alive as long as possible.

    just grant allied control and give ur zerg friend 3-5 medivacs to let him play with it.

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    Default Re: unit combinations

    Good Combinations:

    Zealot/Sentry/High Templar
    Terran Infantry + Medivac Dropships
    Ling/Ling (Baneling/Zergling)

    More rare combinations:

    Pure Sentry/High Templar
    Zergling/Mass Infestor
    Marine/Mass Sentry

    Extremely Powerful Combinations:

    Carrier/Collossus (Moreso with Viking support)
    Corruptor/BroodLord (Even moreso with mass Medivac supporting)
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    Default Re: unit combinations

    Hellion /Thors
    Siege tanks and Hellions
    Siege tanks and marines

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    Default Re: unit combinations

    My new favorite combination is Ghost/hellions! It works great against Z who goes to Muta/ling and when they switch to roaches you can just switch yourself to marauders.

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