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Thread: Non-gameplay game customization

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    Default Non-gameplay game customization

    I was wondering what people's thoughts are if SC2 included more customization options in SC2 to define armies or change up elements of the game that aren't gameplay intrusive.

    One idea I have is for custom 'Command' portraits and sounds. Instead of the default Zerg eyeball, Terran Lady-with-no-face or the Protoss dude, you could have options to choose a different avatar complete with a new sound set. This doesn't change any options for the opponent, only working client side. I think it would be a nice changeup to the same voice saying "You require additional pylons" or "Spawn more Overlords". Imagine taking orders from Raynor or Kerrigan herself!

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    Default Re: Non-gameplay game customization

    You can do it in StarCraft.

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    Default Re: Non-gameplay game customization

    I know it's possible. I've done it and used custom voices in SC for units

    I'm asking what people think of it. Most talk about SC2 has been focused on pure gameplay, I'm more interested in what people think about the meta game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gradius View Post
    You can do it in StarCraft.
    Possible in SC1!? How? Map hacks?
    Sorry, I never even heard anything about it.
    The only similar thing I've seen was a map that had two instances of the body of Tassadar, one with the original face and the other with Aldaris face...
    (Always wondered why Aldaris had Tassadar's portrait animation in "The insurgent" mission if such a trick was possible.)

    However I think that if it were included as a pre programmed feature for SC2... I'd say "why not?"

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    Default Re: Non-gameplay game customization

    Yeah, I remember when I was in a cyber cafe in beijing and someone had replaced all the Zealot sounds with anime girl speech.

    It was really weird.

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    Default Re: Non-gameplay game customization

    Lol, I had a similar suggestion a while back, when we talked about the dark templar model thing. On, you would have the ability to choose a faction style, and it would choose your dark templar, logo, advisor, etc. For some reason, people didnt really like my idea, cant remember why.

    Anyways, I support your idea.

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    Default Re: Non-gameplay game customization

    Well in SC it was pretty easy. You simply make the right folders in the right places and put in your own WAV files named appropriately, and the game automatically sources to those files rather than looking in the MPQ. I was using the Antioch Chronicles soundbytes for regular units like Firebats and Goliaths.

    I'm not sure if Blizzard is going to actively stop or allow this, but I know they don't allow any customization for World of Warcraft. I'm not sure if you can do this in Warcraft 3 as well. Based on this fact, I think it will be trickier to do for SC2 than it was in SC1.

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    Will be doable in UMS, probably not on release for anything else though.

    Since WoW blizzard seem to hate choice

    Personally I love all customisation, roll on custom interfaces...
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    Default Re: Non-gameplay game customization

    It should be allowed to some extent. Customization is always a nice thing... Your army could wear your personal avatar and stuff like that. Would be awesome. Some hardcore gamers would probably find away to complain about how it could all unbalance the game or how it would be too much like warhammer.

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    Default Re: Non-gameplay game customization

    Well anything can happen in a UMS map. I want some extent of customization allowable without disrupting the actual game. I'm not asking for an actual mode, but even if they could have it work like SC1 did with simply adding folders and files (sound or animation) for the engine to reroute to, I think it would be neat. None of this stuff would give any advantage in gameplay.

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