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Thread: [G] - Anthill Offense, Zerg 1 Gas Timed Push

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    Thumbs up [G] - Anthill Offense, Zerg 1 Gas Timed Push

    This guide is from a theorycraft build that I put together about a week or so ago and with the help of members of Team Liquid and other testers I'm finally able to release it.

    The core of the build revolves around Zerg Queens supporting Roaches in an attack on your opponent's base when the odds are in your favor. . .

    Why Queens and Roaches you ask?
    Well lets look at a sample of the build in action:

    Since Queens lack the "light" and "armored" type that all other Tier 1 units have they make for a solid game opener along side Roaches when you still don't know what kind of army your opponent is making yet.

    That Protoss in last clip was unprepared, but how about someone who sees the attack coming?

    Here is vid of a Zerg who canceled his Expansion after scouting me and was preparing for what clearly looked to him like an "All-In Roach"

    Even with the bigger ground army and fast teching the counter the fight was not even close.

    The reason for that is part of the game's dynamic of making casters more powerful the longer they have been in play.

    While Queens are only about as strong as a Roach when they first come out their ability to instantly heal 125 health will allow you to face against armies sooner and when they outmatch you in positioning or strength.

    The build itself is also very easy to learn and is recommended to players of any skill level.

    You should place your Spawning Pool down between 13 and 15 drones, and get up 1 extractor. Once the pool finishes start production on a Queen, 1 batch of Zerglings to scout, and the Roach Warren. Keep one Queen spraying the Hatchery for extra Larvae, and from there, so long as you have 2 drones on each mineral patch, you simply build Roaches and Queens while keeping your eye on the Overlord count.

    You can have 4 queens by the 6m30s mark in game and is the recommended time to attack in most cases, but it's also ok to push out sooner if the opportunity arrives. . .

    Here's a sample of that earlier push at 5m30s with just 3 Queens against a Zerg who expanded very quickly. . .

    More units were lost in that clip because of the lack of Queen energy, but it's still a very good time to attack since your opponent's army should be at a disadvantage.

    The 5m30s push is also something I recommend players try against a walled off Terran, and is demonstrated in the following replay: Thanks trypt )

    Even if you can't break threw you'll wind up owning the whole map with a ground force that strong, allowing you to expand and tech without too much worry.

    -=General Feedback=-

    This is the response I've received so while testing the build:

    ZvZ: Very Good Feedback (Recommended as an All-In)
    ZvP: Mostly Good Feedback (Recommended for early play with possibly a transition mid or late game)
    ZvT: Mixed Feedback (Currently recommended for only the early game)

    -=Frequently Asked Questions=-
    • How long does the Queen take to get to an enemy base?
      Distance varies on maps, but on Scrap Station it takes 1m30s from ramp to ramp
    • Have you tried Nydus Canel or Overlords to shorten travel time?
      Yes, and they are worth using, but both come after Lair tech which will not be available on the initial push
    • When should I expand?
      The ideal time to expand is after the attack is in progress and the attention is drawn to your opponent's side of the map
    • Have you tried Mutalisks with the build?
      Yes, as the build only uses 1 gas geyser you can spend 4 larvae to start production from the other one early to save up for transition later
    • How does the build fair against a Protoss wall-off with cannons?
      Surprisingly well. . . The heals let you keep steady pressure on the buildings until you can bust in
    • Should I be worried about Speedlings when facing another Zerg?
      No, just keep leave extra defense in your base if you are unsure of your opponent's positioning when you attack. . .
      Also as a bonus I have a short clip of the build out healing a speedling ambush:

    -=Tips N Tricks=-
    • Command your Roaches to follow the Queens when pushing out and attack move later so they don't run too far ahead
    • You can use the initial boost of gas before your Warren is finished to get +1 Missile Attack, a Baneling Nest, or Lair tech when you push out
    • The +1 Missile Upgrade will let you kill Zerglings in 2 hits with Roaches instead of 3
    • It's a good idea to build a Sporecrawler when you push out in anticipation of possible air harassment
    • Hiding an early Overlord near your opponent's base can be moved out when you attack to allow your army to see up cliffs
    • Laying a Single Creep Tumor from your Second Queen can pay off for long games or when the strategy becomes containment against a wall-off player
    • The walk is long so remember set a Rally Point to keep reinforcements coming

    Hope this was a good read. . .


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    Man Aldruis is going to like this >.>

    Cool stuff! I will try it out tonite

    and THIS is what a strategy forum post should look like
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    And we were just talking about the problem with energy tension with Spawn Larva. It seems Transfusion has earned it a good place after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Islandsnake View Post
    Man Aldruis is going to like this >.>
    I knew you were going to say that.

    And we were just talking about the problem with energy tension with Spawn Larva. It seems Transfusion has earned it a good place after all.
    I've been saying this for weeks. -.-;

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    MaximunSquid is like Demo but maxed out?

    GG Demo

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    Fantastic, I've been waiting for a ZvP on Steppes of War to try this out.
    Great thread btw.

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    Default Re: [G] - Anthill Offense, Zerg 1 Gas Timed Push

    That's an awesome idea, now to find a counter with Terran... >.<

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    The weakness to the strategy is the transit. It uses roaches and queens which are both wicked slow. All a Protoss player would need to do is catch the force in transit and kite or flank with stalkers. If you catch them while their units are still move following the Queen you could do a lot of damage. You could also just attack them while the units are in transit. You'd kill them before their force would be able to get there.

    For Zerg I think speedlings would be more effective at taking out the Queens than Roaches would. Use your own roaches to keep them busy while the lings come around the back and kill the Queens. You should also try to take advantage of the choke or high ground.

    However, I do think it proves what some of us have been saying all along. The bottlenecks are larvae and gas. It's almost inevitable that you'll be out of larvae, out of gas, and have extra minerals. When this happens why not build Queens?

    However, I'd also point out that for the cost of 2 Queens you could build an extra hatch. So timing is crucial.
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    I loath competition.

    No one dethrones this Squid. No one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
    I've been saying this for weeks. -.-;
    Please explain to me where exactly is the tension. He has Four queens. In the replay, he spawns larvae all the way until he is about to engage in an all in attack.

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