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Thread: Will we get to play as Xel'Naga... ever?

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    ya a little off topic, but look at all of the treads they all get slightly off topic now this is offtopic

    OFFTOPIC ALERT !!!! <<<< read on your own risk >>>>

    Still not expecting them on WoL story line, rather see a cinematic where raynor and a protoss small force is fighting the dominion because megsk trapped "nocked out" kerrigan (caused by a horrifing psionic shockwave). Untill they realize the sky is not blue anymore... and that something colosal is blocking the sun... the only light provided is a neon blue that origins from several points from this object... The cinematic ends with a blinding light that desends from this points...

    then heart of the swarm starts with kerrigan fleing a destroyed city and the fact that she cant remember anything. probided with suport from several zerg/xenomorphs she must scape the auto-systems and then the city to find a way out of the planet before time runs out...

    The status of Raynor and the protoss as well as Megsk is unknown.
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    Default Re: Will we get to play as Xel'Naga... ever?

    wow those are some pretty specific predictions, considering we know next to nothing about the single player campaign. i'm going ot assume that you're making all that up, because there's no way you know that on any sort of authority.

    i don't mind off-topic comments, so long as they have anything to do with the thread topic, but this one has very little to do with the topic of "will we get to control the xel'naga units at all?" Please stick to the topic, or start your own thread.
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