View Poll Results: Which do you like more, the CMC660 armor or the combat shield upgrade

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  • I like the combat armor upgrade more

    5 19.23%
  • I like the shield upgrade more

    16 61.54%
  • I don't care

    2 7.69%
  • I like both upgrades, they are both nice

    3 11.54%
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Thread: CMC-660 Heavy Combat Suit

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    I don't care. Both are acceptable upgrades imho.

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    I voted for the shield upgrade. Makes more sense to me.

    Give them the power armor only if they move 30% slower
    then my lings will rape them even more

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    The reason why you don't see riot shields nowadays is no accurate depiction of what the future would be like.

    As others have already said, there are melee units in Starcraft, so shields would help. Not only that, their power suits allow them to still wield 2 handed weapons (their gauss rifles).

    Voted for the shield, it's efficient and all marines can just pick it up from the barracks or armory instead of instantly having millions of suits being outdated for a newer more expensive model.

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    Well, gues the poll says it all, hope everybody had at least a good read.
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    Hey, at the very least you get some props for doing your research.

    So, that said, you gonna share with us your secret identity?

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    Default Re: CMC-660 Heavy Combat Suit

    @Perfecttear: The gift of intelligent conversation is always appreciated by myself and many others

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    Bulletproof (bullet resistant anyway) shields are used today by swat teams in situations where the targets are known to carry high-powered weapons, and as others have said power-suits would allow such things to be used on the battlefield again.

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    I'm wondering if someone would post the suit suggestion on the official forums, what the responses would be.

    I've actually changed my mind in the meantime. I was playing sc when it hit me, the medic in sc alredy has a shield, and it has more hp than the marine. So the shield upgrade now makes perfect sense to me
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