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Thread: StarCraft II Artwork Thread

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    Yeah, everyone click through to the artstation link in VoK's post. The Zealot model in the 3D viewer there looks so good, much better than the shots in the game made it look. It's pretty perfect. And it's fun to get to look at their wireframes and gloss maps in the marmoset viewer.

    Marine's looking good in there too!

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    +1 for using that zealot shot instead of what we got. Interesting that Blizzard outsourced the art

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    I know. What's the point of outsourcing when you've got in- house artists like Lee and Mr. Jack? At the same time, it provides this freelancer with some great experience and material.

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    It's not a freelancer, they're a ~100-person animation/game art company in Malaysia. The reasoning I assume is that SC:R was a low-budget side project, and I assume contracting a studio in Malaysia to do the few high-detail models they needed was far cheaper/quicker than having the Blizzard cinematics department work on them. The difference in quality shows, and I hope Blizzard keeps priding themselves on their in-house art because it is one of the company's strengths, but hey, it's a business. :|

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    pretty art, zealot version is better that in starcraft remastered, cool texture

    models are wonderful
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    I'm working on yet another Hydralisk model. surprise. It's going well though!

    It incorporates features from every single hydralisk design, though the core is the original cinematic version. For example, upper carapace that attaches at the base of the neck from SC2, back vertebrae that extend up much larger and higher from SCG, downturned points on the ends of the back carapace from SCR, etc. I'll make a cool annotated diagram when it's done.

    I would love to give it inflating/expanding firing flaps in the original sprite style, but they would just be really hard to make, so I've settled for just including orifices in the place where they should go, that the frill carapace has to raise up to reveal. At least gives a hint of where it should fire from.
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    I am excited about this hydra.

    "Seeing Fenix once more perplexes me. I feel sadness, when I should feel joy."
    - Artanis.

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    Thanks, me too! Also working on a SC1 marine but it's not far along enough to show yet.

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    ^ Must've been pretty desperate if he had to co-opt a Zerg claw instead using a regular psi blade.
    Yes, that's right! That is indeed ME on the right.


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