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Thread: StarCraft II Artwork Thread

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    I mean, it's a SC2 science vessel. And are those ravens?

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    Interesting piece, nothing much to say. Wow.

    EDIT: Just noticed the ponytail on the dropship portrait, funny how I never noticed it on the original till I saw it on the remastered. Also watched aliens again today, and the remastered piece gives less of the aliens vibe then the original.
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    need more style masive armies

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    That is really, really good. Really nice sense of scale, really cool poses and armor shapes.

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    These images are a painted celebration of the lush StarCraft universe, and the set of visual principles which guided the Brood War aesthetic.

    I wanted to share with others some of the visual fantasies spurred-on by this game; entrenched marines awaiting combat... Tassadar and his escort entering a Terran compound; these were things that I would act out with my StarCraft action figures as a child for endless hours. I started these paintings about a year ago, and with the announcement of SC:R, it seemed appropriate to finish them up and hopefully add to the excitement and passion for this fantastic universe.

    To make these I worked from photographic reference, which I created using a combination of my SC action figures, my friends' faces, and some ketchup. I intend on making more, and would love the community's influence on future subject matter.

    PRINTS are available! Art Prints by Chris SooHoo

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