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    I have a rather important tip regarding Blizzard's official SC2 forums. As you may know, the Star Craft 2 General Discussion Forum has been an awful place in the past, with blues seldom posting and trolls/spammers frequently posting. To an extent, it still is today, but not nearly as much as it used to be. The new moderators from Europe have been cracking down quite considerably on forum trash and have also been posting more often than Karune and Cydra ever have.

    Regarding that last point, I would like to turn your attention to the little-known cousin of the classic SC2GDF: the Star Craft 2 Gameplay Discussion Forum. This forum has been not much more than an inactive void, being quite possibly one of the least used forums in all of With the new mods, however, this has changed a fair bit. Answers regarding specific gameplay questions are now more frequent, and even Zhydaris himself has suggested to posters to use the Gameplay forum for questions regarding gameplay specifics.

    So, this is where I come to my main points:
    — You will find the SC2GDF as a whole to be a bit more user friendly now.
    — Use the General forum to ask questions not regarding gameplay.
    — Use the Gameplay forum to ask questions specifically regarding gameplay.

    I'm sort of rambling here, but something else comes to my mind. We've been waiting for Blizzard to clean up those forums for a while now, and they've made two reasonably successful moves: a better functioning forum (posting cooldowns, captchas, etc.) and more moderators (Xordiah, Zhydaris, Avarius, and (a recent addition) Kapeselus). I think it's our turn now to make a move and post more often on those forums: asking questions, holding discussions, etc. Doing so will help transform the abomination into what it should be and will encourage the blues to post even more often.

    To get started, here are the links to the two forums:

    Star Craft 2 General Discussion Forum
    Star Craft 2 Gameplay Discussion Forum

    Go post and ask questions people!

    EDIT: Keep in mind that the four mods are all European, so for us North Americans they get on in the wee hours of the morning and get off a little after noon. Don't expect much afternoon activity, K?


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    Please ask about macro. Lord knows i tried.

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    At least the Ghetto_Overlord spamming days are finally over... :P
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    Yeah, I heerd 'The Earth' hit him where it hurted...
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