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manual does not say that, the queen and overlord are only relays(an overlord even has a hard time concentrating to organize a twenty-something zerg without a cerebrate or kerrigan), commissioned operational details(fine control) such as keeping groups of individuals monitored to keep the swarm healthy, the cerebrate are highly intelligent, and were not able to touch the sOvermind, because it was created to depend , and so the swarms depended absurdly on his cerebrate and became harmful to the other zerg if they were killed, intelligent kerrigan could not rebel and she knew that is for this she was terrified of the maturation of the second overmind. if the tassadar kerrigan sacrifice had not come to anything. Kerrigan alludes to the broodmother queens as a substitute for cerebrate and more inteligents already a danger issues for Kerrigan broodmother was design with limitations so as not to endanger her status, but sufficiently capable of keeping the zerg alive if she dies ,she was always a defective substitute for the swarm mind and would not raise a competition to herself (and suppose that even after its primal version, this remains the same since things like torrasrque to a need nuclear fuel to exist )

The queen of the blades was also created faithful but with a fidelity dependent on the existence of the overmind and that is the trick of jumping the directive of Amon, the overmind created these defects under the pretext of a design outside the box to dominate its enemies
Uh huh. I just got the impression that Blizzard was making things up as they went along without a care in the world. The SC1 manual's version of events where the Overmind is the big bad evil guy setting everything up is way more interesting (and simpler to understand) in my opinion than the bizarre QoB and Amon plots.