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Thread: What if SC1/BW was remade as DLC for SC2?

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    Default Re: What if SC1/BW was remade as DLC for SC2?

    Given the fact that you always considered those fics largely BS anyway.....

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    Default Re: What if SC1/BW was remade as DLC for SC2?

    Quote Originally Posted by ragnarok View Post
    Given the fact that you always considered those fics largely BS anyway.....
    Have you read Queen of Blades? I don't know anything about writer Aaron Rosenberg's past or future works, but it is embarrassingly bad and I wouldn't be surprised if he is now ashamed of writing it.

    Have you read StarCraft: Evolution? It was written by Timothy Zahn, famous for writing the Thrawn trilogy in the Star Wars universe. Evolution does not flatter his skills as a writer.

    Metzen bad narrative choices hamstring any other writer who tries to play with his toys. Rationalizing the plot contrivances does not make them any less artificial.

    If I gave the impression that I think the fics are BS... that is mistaken. Hamstringing is not the same. I can enjoy a few sometimes.

    I liked the fanfic "Birth of a Queen" by Lord22, which adapted Episode 2. Although that might have more to do with the fact that it liberally mocked the Queen of Blades character. Otherwise the lack of tension due to the predictability of retelling the same two decades old plot stifles most of my potential enjoyment.

    The plot of SC1, much less the sequels, relies on massive plot contrivances that don't make sense except as artificial plot contrivances. Events happen because the plot requires it to happen. Characters act to further the plot rather than according to their motivations. It doesn't help that there were clearly a ton of rewrites during development and the manual that came with the game doesn't explain things due to inconsistencies.

    But I could ignore the bad plot. What I cannot ignore are all the fanboys treating it like scripture. Any time you question it as less than sensible, you get shunned as an evil heretic who can't see how amazing and super special Kerry is.

    It's no surprise that I liked "Birth of a Queen" for eloquently articulating why Queen of Blades was never as awesome as fanboys make her out to be.

    This constant obsession with Kerry for the last two decades has gone nowhere. Two decades of fanboy whinging and nothing to show for it besides maybe HunCraft but nobody seems to care about that.

    If, on the other hand, the Overmind had been focused on harvesting humans in mass for experimentation...

    It's basically the End War, except during the First War period. The hybrids are human/zerg hybrids in this case but it's the same basic idea of galactic conquest behind them.

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    Default Re: What if SC1/BW was remade as DLC for SC2?

    I never read Queen of Blades, I already had the story from SC1, I didn't see the point to fill in the holes via that.

    Evolution on the other hand I did read, and I didn't think it was BS.

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