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Thing is, there was no teleport animation in Sc1. Units just appeared from Protoss buildings and units that were teleported by the Arbiters recall ability just disappeared and reappeared amidst some overlayed swirly animation to depict the ability. The death animation of Protoss warriors was given no explanation at the time, so although it looked like an immolation leaving no body it was later explained as actually being teleportation through additive retconning. This "death explosion" being an actuality raises the question of how Dragoons come to be since there'd be no bodies to inter and yet Dragoons have bodies in them. That death animation being retconned into being a teleport animation actually reconciles this issue.

As to Sc2, well, you do have a case there. The generic teleport animations of Protoss tech should've been consistent with the retcon in that they should look like blue flames from Sc1.
The game is an abstraction of a war. That said, players and writers often forget that and we get fiction which treats the game mechanics as indicative of the setting.

Assuming the stereotypical proud warrior race, protoss would only teleport casualties off the battlefield (i.e. when they can no longer fight). The game does not show situations where units are wounded and can no longer fight. They keep fighting at full strength until their health runs out and they die.

I think this could have been avoided by saying the protoss teleport casualties offscreen rather than claiming the death animation is a teleport. It does not make sense because the same animation occurs even in situations where teleport would be impossible.