A couple additions I wanted to make to the timeline to account for things I learned recently:

The cold war goes on for a while, and in many ways resembles the plot of Command & Conquer. Although it does not go hot until the first contact war, many of the colonies are emboldened to succeed by the wealth they rapidly gain. Many groups similar to the Brotherhood of Nod and the Forgotten show up as a result of the political and ecological strife.

The first contact war also goes on for a while. While humanity is locked in both civil wars and defending themselves from aliens, the elves are having strife of their own. The high elves experience a schism between those who want to exterminate humanity as collateral damage and those who want to protect them. When the dark elves show up, they serve as wild cards: some help the humans defend themselves from the bugs and genocidal high elves, some team up with the caretaker high elves to protect the humans, some team up with the high elves to take the offense against the bugs, etc.

One of the fallouts of the first contact war that occurs during the bug wars is that the unity of the high elves is broken. Previously they were united by the telepathic internet, but electronic warfare by the bugs has interfered with it and fostered the growth of tribal nationalism that was previously kept dormant. Since their core worlds were lost to the bugs, they need to reunite to reclaim them.

Honestly, the timeline is becoming really, really complicated because of the time scales, space scales, and number of sides involved. I love it!