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Thread: Impressions?

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    Default Impressions?

    This thread is just for first impressions regarding the remaster and especially the campaign, for me:

    1. Game itself feels better than I expected, which is great.
    2. Remastered campaign portraits don't seem to sync up with the dialogue.
    3. I don't really like the new campaign holograms/statues/whatever, I much prefer the old ones. Especially for the vanilla Protoss.
    4. I hate how they removed the text that came with all those little images you saw when you hovered your mouse over an option in the menu

    What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Impressions?

    -I agree. Graphics are nice obviously, but there's a lot of things that have too much specularity on them. *cough zerg briefing room
    -Haven't gotten used to moving around in this. I got a decent rig but my mouse feels laggy. Disabling mouse sensitivity actually helps a lot.
    -Hated the hydralisk at first, but like Robear says, it's based on the sprite so I've warmed up to it.
    -Still hate the success kid zealot.
    -Ability to zoom is just great.
    -Why is my real time lighting disabled? GTX 980 doesn't have 2 gigs of vram?
    -Cinematics look better, but still not as good as the cinematics DVD.
    -Same shitty game as in 1998.
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    Default Re: Impressions?

    Ranking only for 1v1 games? Disappointing. Very disappointing.

    And, oh my fucking god, I forgot how insanely clunky this game was. Not that that's a bad thing, but, damn, I need to get my control back up.

    Splash screen is shit. Features are shit. Barebones as shit. Basically, the same game as in 1998, with some shitty replaced artwork here and there, but a more compatible client.

    Was excited about match making, but, at the moment, it's pretty much irrelevant.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: Impressions?


    -No 2s,3s,4s matchmaking
    -Tried playing a couple of custom games, everyone dropped out without the "wait to reconnect" screen. Can't fix the net code after all these years?
    -No ability to zoom out in custom games.
    -Splash screens are meh
    -No party system(hopefully that will come with 2s3s4s)

    +prettier in-game graphics
    +wide screen
    +cheap price
    +kinda cool to press f5

    An unfinished product(somehow). At least it's Blizzard so I'm hopeful they'll fix their stuff. But right now, I have no interest in MP. Will redo the campaign though.

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    Default Re: Impressions?

    I'm not even considering touching this. The graphical update is nice, but I've played this game so many times. Though I'll keep an eye on media and the comic interludes.
    Aaand sold.

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    Default Re: Impressions?


    -No 2s,3s,4s matchmaking
    The entire fucking reason I bought the game, not even present.

    I never had a hard time finding a decent 1v1 opponent, getting a decent team game going that wasn't ruined by atleast one noob was damn near impossible.

    In addition, playing some more melee matches in SCR has really hit home just how much of am improvement SC2 was in many important, key areas of MP. You can debate all you want about the intensity of SCBW vs SC2 eSports, but in the actual playing of the game, SC2 is a MASSSSIVE IMPROVEMENT.

    Also, again, FUCK THAT AI

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    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: Impressions?

    -Keep getting weird lag spikes every 20 seconds never had this problem before and it only happens when i'm logged in (but I can't log out because the stupid fucking game grays out all the shit I paid for)

    Until that shit gets fixed my opinion on this remaster is not very high right now since its kind of unplayable.

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    Default Re: Impressions?

    The lag and the portraits in briefing rooms are so pedestrian that I wouldn't expect it from a company like Blizzard who consistently pushes quality

    Everything else is ace though, except for replacing Stukov with DuGalle in the Brood War campaign select screen.

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    Default Re: Impressions?

    I've had the remaster lockup three times during startup, out of like eight attempts. I think I figured out the reason, but, still, I don't remember SCBW ever locking up like that.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: Impressions?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheEconomist View Post

    Also, again, FUCK THAT AI

    "The shit AI is a featureee!!!!!" -Pro scene

    Such a crap argument. In a competitive game, you want as little randomness as possible so that chance doesn't affect the outcome; only skills. If the AI randomly misbehave well... I'm fine with the other limitations though.

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