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Thread: Future of the Remaster`

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    Default Future of the Remaster`

    I think it's far to say that this team is very unique in just how transparent it's been. I've had the pleasure of interacting with some of them and I can tell you first hand that I think they really care about getting the art right.

    So this makes me wonder, what is the future of the remaster? I have a hypothesis that once August 14th hits and everyone has the remastered/classic versions side to side, able to switch them at will, then we will see a lot of post-facto corrections with the art, particularly with the portraits.

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    Default Re: Future of the Remaster`

    How much do the Korean e-sports communities care about the art changes? IIRC most of Blizzard's money comes from e-sports licensing fees and WoW.

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