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    I often see some nostalgifags posts like "Back on StarCraft protoss didn't look all the same"... Yeah... Except that all portraits on multiplayer uses the SAME model/sprite with different lights and camera angles... It's on StarCraft 2 that we really have different protoss faces, even on multiplayer, where we see different skulls, masks and (finally) even female units...
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    Drakolobo, portraits are indeed different. My focus point right now is on copy paste armies.

    Now back on you:

    The reason people complain about the similarities of Protoss in SC2 is related to execution, not content. Hell, there's probably more than 100 assets related to Protoss facials through artwork, cinematic models and portraits in SC2. However, it's the use of these assets in the game that suggests that most Protoss are indeed equal in appearance.

    In SC you only saw the faces of a few Protoss during briefings and missions. There was no more "face" input. So, the differences between these characters meant that, just like Humans, Protoss were visually different from one another.
    In SC2 we get cinematic that inject more visual information. Here every 24/25 Protoss uses the same model. So, it just appears that aside from heroes everyone else looks the same.

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    In SC the skin color was a lot different for every Protoss but in SC2 they're all grey.

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    Yeah, I remember the blueish, the tealish, the greyish, and the somewhat purpleish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEconomist View Post
    Yeah, I remember the blueish, the tealish, the greyish, and the somewhat purpleish.
    I'm gonna have a post on that, hopefully tomorrow, both here and on the official forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gradius View Post
    In SC the skin color was a lot different for every Protoss but in SC2 they're all grey.
    Thought just occurred to me that maybe the greyness was a specific design choice and not just pure laziness. Perhaps it was a way for them to callback on the thing that inspired the idea of Protoss in the first place: the original alien "greys".
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    Quote Originally Posted by drakolobo View Post
    I think the photo is kind of missing the point. What mattered is that different portriats in SC1 felt the same because they really did have different skin tones, textures, etc that kept them from feeling homogenus. In SC2, almost every Protoss has light-grey skin and a similar skin pattern. In SC2 they look like a clearly fictional race that are all created in one image, in SC1 they have all kinds of different facial features and tones, like people do, which make them feel/look unique.

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    Not to mention that the SC1 designs were meant to convey personalities. Aldaris was clearly arrogant, Tassadar dramatic, and Zeratul grim, and you got the idea all by simply looking at them. As for the SC2 'Toss, they look like statues wearing needlessly complex armor. If you look at those pictures, you'll notice that most of the work was done in the armor. Even the detail that isn't is usually just some face wrinkles on the males.

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    Yeah but what do any of us know we're just a bunch of "nostalgia fags with rose-tinted goggles."

    Anyone that says that ironically has instantly lost the argument.

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    Zeratul, the Immortal, Dragoon, Annihilator and Arbiter all share the same basic head assets. The High Templar, Archon, Dark Archon, and Tassadar likewise share the same assets. Void Rays, Scouts, Corsairs, Dark Templar and Stalker are all masked. The Zealot, Tempest and Stone Zealots are all the same, too.

    I just pointed out 9 different portraits using recycled models, and five more that are likely recycled, or are composed in such a way as to obviate the need for a face. And I suspect the Adept's face is a slightly modified Selendis.
    Aaand sold.

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