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    Man, fuck that Toronto branch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEconomist View Post
    It's true that counted hate crimes have been increasing for the past two years. It's possible that the actual number of violence is increasing, sure, that would make sense, there's a lot going on in America ... or it could just be that 'violence' against transgenders is now being tallied more or differently, as some suggest. Kind of like how surveys say 1/3 women are raped while rape statistics say a fraction of a fraction of a percent.
    This is definitely happening. I saw a news article talking about how two black women had assaulted a white woman, but then when you investigate, it turns out that the white "girl" was actually a dude trying to get into the women's bathroom.

    "Seeing Fenix once more perplexes me. I feel sadness, when I should feel joy."
    - Artanis.

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