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Thread: LotV Trailer!

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    Default Re: LotV Trailer!

    Okay then press '7' instead. If that's not in-game, Blizzard has lost their edge.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: LotV Trailer!

    I wonder how much of that will make it to the actual release of LotV. Like...I don't see the teleporting battlecruisers lasting long before the nerfs start rolling in. I also like how the cruiser shadows were at the location already before teleporting. lol

    Lurkers making a comeback isn't surprising. They never should have gotten rid of them to begin with.

    As for the campaign...Uran and Mohander were surprisingly non-existent. Would rather know about them than what looks to be the Protoss versions of Izsha and Abathur.

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    Default Re: LotV Trailer!

    I really liked what I saw

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    I really liked what I saw

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    Superzealots with axes? no thankyou. I hope they get the same treatment as dark templar and swap between looks/weapons

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    (Looks at comments of protoss being weak) just saw a trailer showing how AWSUM! the protoss are. We see Kerrigan getting beaten around by a hybrid, the terrans being decimated by what I presume are Amon's forces, and the protoss commanding the most powerful warship the setting's ever seen, and THEY'RE the weak ones?

    Ugh. To re-iterate, no, I don't like this trailer. I don't like it because it's war porn. I don't like it because Artanis has been made protagonist for God knows whatever reason, and is wielding a psi-blade and warp blade because, hey, the protoss are KEWL.

    As for MP, far too early to say. I'm open to the possibility of LotV being good gameplay wise. Heck, HotS was good gameplay wise. But forgive me for taking a dim view on the story right now.

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    Default Re: LotV Trailer!

    Thought I made it clear that I'm talking about the design and art style of the Protoss. Hence, the comparison to my signature and commentary on hoping this was in-game graphics.

    It's their expansion pack, of course they're going to dominate. Still got no fucks to give though.
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    Some really great additions and changes coming to LOTV. Though it does feel like Terran got shafted a little bit. Here's a few observations I've had so far (heavily biased towards a Protoss player) :


    - The Herc seems like an odd choice for a new unit. Not sure where it will really find its place. From what I gather from the video; It can slingshot into battle (Kinda like blink) and does massive damage to light units (one shots banelings). I'm really trying to find a situation in where you would want to slingshot to kill a light unit (I know it showed the anti-baneling tactic. But Meh).
    With the "idea" of the unit, it would have been nice if it did damage to armoured, or massive, so that the Terran crutch vs. Colossi could shift from vikings....buuuuut we'll have to see. Doesn't seem like something a Terran player would want to add into it's most efficient MAX army, besides a possible few.

    - Again, the Cyclone seems very situational, and it's range is retarded. Will have to see how the unit actually works, but seems like it "locks on" and has a massive range advantage over that unit (and does HUGE bonus damage to armoured). Is its "lock on" ability on cooldown? Does it attack if it's not locked on (doesn't look like it)? More information on that unit will be needed to really see where its place will be.... but maybe a counter to Colossi????????

    - Siege tank pick up seems awesome! I love anything that gives Terran more options besides bio. The micro and positional abilities are amazing! Absolutely love this change.
    Immortals "god mode" up? Pick up your siege tanks. Zealots start swarming? Pick up your siege tanks. Can't wait to play against this.

    - I can't really see the Thor repair thing staying the way it is. Worded as a "out of battle" thing, yet is seen doing it while taking fire? Seems a little overpowered..... Run one Thor up front of your main army, and just soak up all that Zealot charge while self-repairing? Maybe taking damage should cancel it? All in all though, making Mech more viable is always good in my books.

    - Banshee change is Meh. Just going to make them more annoying I guess. Protoss seems to have an answer for them with new oracle ability.... Zerg; not so much..

    - The Battlecruiser warp thing will definitely need some tweeking, but it seems really cool. I can see there being more of a delay when "calculating trajectory", but should be awesome for multi-prone attacks.


    - Awesome changes and units!

    - The Ravager really seems cool. The anti-force field especially has me worried. And the harassment/ sniping of tech looks really powerful. Will be awesome to micro against! Though I will say; having it paired with the new Nydus mechanic, you could just spit a bunch of Ravagers out, and then suicide them off on a quick Nexus/CC kill.... ANYWHERE on the map. Some tweaking will definitely be needed to balance that out.

    - Lurker is straight up awesome, and I think we all saw that coming a mile away. Siege ability with them is cool too!.... Seems like Zerg now has sieging abilities no matter what tech they go :P

    - Corrupter ability is nice. Will give them something to do in those "I just killed all the Colossi... now what" scenarios. Zerg can't really afford to have them out of position though... so it seems pretty limited to that kind of situation.

    - Infestor ability is gross! AOE seems kind of small... but it cast it twice. So i'm assuming it costs 100 energy (obviously subject to change). But it's a AOE damage buff none-the-less.... so sick! Baneling bust anyone?

    - Soooo the swarm host doesn't have to bury now? Weird. Overall I like the change because it will prevent those looooong boring games that the current model creates. Great harassment unit for sure, especially with the upgrade!... can just see a few of them being used for late game just to constant scout.

    - Nydus worm upgrade is gross for Zerg players.... so many options for it (like the one I mentioned earlier). Flank, harass, reinforce. disgusting change overall!


    -Such awesome changes as well!

    - Disruptor looks pretty cool actually. At first I was like... meh, but the more I think about it the more I like it. Can really be good against an enemy sieging you hard. Great siege breaking unit... I wonder if it works on buildings? Either way; good luck to Terran trying to repair their bunker wall.... BOOM! Cya SCVs.
    Could the new warp prism pick them up while in "charge up mode"? Would pretty much eliminate a micro counter to them if you could just pick-up/ drop them on units....
    It says "vs. ALL units" .... sooooo, good vs. Mutas????? Doesn't really show an effect against that Medivac in the trailer... but we'll see.

    - Immortal change looks promising. Like the trailer said; it'll stop the hard countered nature of this unit.
    Protoss seem like they are getting a fair number of immunity to all damage abilities though, to an already spike damage heavy race.

    - Warp prism. GROSS! enough said.

    - Oracle merging of abilities is awesome. No longer is the Robo our detection crutch
    And that Stasis ward ability... WOW! Pair that with storm, or better yet; the new disruptor unit, and it's GG.

    - Sooo here's how i see a max supply battle happening (in this case vs. Terran)"
    Play the High Templar/ Ghost dance
    Commit to your attack
    Send oracles in to attempt to stasis (enemy will have to focus them down before oracle can get them down)
    Colossi rapes everything
    Terran army gets partially frozen
    Pop disruptor god mode
    Melt Terran army.

    Sound about right?

    - Tempest sounds gimmicky now. Only ground units? I thought it was the anti-capital ship unit.... I guess it kind of is with its new ability, but whatever. Will be nice for Zerg to start building Broodlords again.

    - Carrier I'm confused about a little bit. So.... I just select a spot within the Carriers range, and off my interceptors go? Can I call them back at any time, or does it have to wait until that ability ends. Also, Killing the Carrier no longer insta-kills the interceptors?

    - Also, regarding new structures. It seems that Protoss has a new Shield battery building (or possibly ability) that seems to recharge shields over time instead of a flat out heal. I get that it's single player screenshots (Zealots with axes), but it could very well be in MP as well.
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    Default Re: LotV Trailer!

    I think you made a lot of good points concerning the new units and abilities, but overall I'm skeptic on these changes. The new terran units are too situational, the siege tank lift may be OP if used well to harass. Teleporting BC without vision is plain stupid... weird and wrong! The destroyer looks hard to use and fragile once the invulnerability run out. Concerning protoss, the new Immortal abilities may work, the Oracle spell change is reasonable and the carrier change is good! It will allow a much better use of them. Finally the lurker comes back, great! I don't know if the zerg changes are for the better/worse, Infestor's new spell looks interesting, while I'm not convinced by the Ravager ability.
    It seems to me that most of the changes will spawn many OP cheesy tactics and this will probably lead to their change/removal during the beta time. Furthermore I'm not such big fan of micro everywhere, strategy is also very important. I think that more micro doesn't mean better gameplay, a micro intensive game may be nice to see, but also a well carried strategic victory is as much fun!
    What do you think?

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    Default Re: LotV Trailer!

    More micro = good for archon mode if anything. That and the other new mp mode are what I'm looking forward to the most out of all of this. Love that coop stuff.

    Also, off-topic, I wish they made Titan instead of yet another story-less mp only game. The market is already wayyyy too crowded with those.

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    More micro = good for archon mode if anything. That and the other new mp mode are what I'm looking forward to the most out of all of this. Love that coop stuff.

    Also, off-topic, I wish they made Titan instead of yet another story-less mp only game. The market is already wayyyy too crowded with those.

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    Default Re: LotV Trailer!

    I was hoping they would make a really compelling mmo-shooter to blow destiny out of the water, maybe when WoW pumps out a few more expansions and reaches retirement.

    I'm worried about the protoss in respect to the multiplayer changes....turboboost medivac bioballs are going to negate the usefulness of disrupters and everything else is going to make toss play more difficult; for example buffed corruptors while protoss doesnt really have an answer against blobs of mutas mixed with corruptors is a problem; re-introducing voidray movement speed or some sort of new unit counter mass air.

    Herc seems like a useless unit to throw in when hellbat can serve as the bioball meatshield.

    Ravagers as anti forcefield seems like a redundant thing, because the same base unit is also a good counter to it; burrow roaches.

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