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Thread: 2v2 Road to Master League

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    Default 2v2 Road to Master League

    Hey people,

    Me and my friend were in Master League in 2v2 some seasons ago and we are trying to get back into it. Since there have been many ballance changes etc. some of our old strategies don't work anymore. So I'm actually interested in the strategies you guys use in 2v2 nowdays. We play a Zerg and Random setup. We are recording all the matches we play, and the more fun and learning matches we post on Youtube. If you want you can check m out here:

    Please share your idea's tactics etc. If you have some suggestions concerning our gameplay please share. We eagerly want to improve and get to ML asap !

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    Default Re: 2v2 Road to Master League

    I too play it on Zerg and Random setup..
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    Default Re: 2v2 Road to Master League

    Seems interesting, I'll check it out. These days, I enjoy team game matches more than 1v1.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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