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Thread: My Masterpiece: The Invasion of Aiur

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    Cool My Masterpiece: The Invasion of Aiur

    (Similar to Kerrigan's Demise)


    • Zerg Swarm

      1.) Kerrigan
      2.) Overmind
      3.) Cerebrate
    • Sons of Aiur

      4.) Conclave
      5.) Aldaris
      6.) Telkar
      7.) Tabrenus
    • Allied Forces

      8.) Zeratul
      9.) Raynor
      10.) Tassadar


    This map is the Vanilla Zerg and Protoss campaigns all combined into one epic battle royale. The game will use dialog from the vanilla campaign that were cut from the game! So think of this Arcade map as the Director's cut of the campaign.

    Sons of Aiur Gameplay Videos:

    playing as all 4 players with shared control turned on

    Allied Forces Gameplay Videos:

    Zerg Swarm Gameplay Videos:

    More info and gameplay videos about this Arcade map will be made available regularly on this thread.
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    Default Re: My Masterpiece: The Invasion of Aiur

    Nice, loving the custom portraits and old SC sounds. When does it come out.

    Kortanul lived 1000 years before the invasion of Aiur. He shouldn't be in the map. :P

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    Moved to the custom map section.

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    very cool

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    I love great maps! I hope to play this one soon.

    BTW, I noticed you had different planetary locations at once on the map. There's a trigger that allows you to change the minimap and playable space of your map. This will help you create a strong hold on the player and help them understand what they are doing. I just believe that's key for campaigns, IMHO.

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