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    So I'll admit, this is more or less directed at TE. But I've always wondered about the Protoss economy. It's hard to envision it being a typical monetary base with credits or the like. Could it be a Knowledge Economy or Post-Scarcity Economy? How would individuals get their services or technology? Is it provided by the state? Are any two individuals considered of the same economy standing? How would it all work ?
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    You can assume what it is based on the politics. The caste system could indicate self sufficiency. The craftsmen (khalanis; or whatever they're called) provide everything, and the warriors (templar) have varying degrees of ownership and hobbies.

    The judicators have the most ownership and their varying political influence is probably comparable to roman senators.

    Shakuras protoss have adopted the same system, except that there might be some divide between the dark and light protoss. Dark protoss are less caste oriented, so their politics could more ancient greek democracy of a state like athens. Workers can become warriors and teachers and vice versa and all are eligible to elect military commanders and leaders (whatever the dark templar leaders are called).

    Temples probably provide dark templar with their weapons, and various guilds band together to create spaceships (though probably more funded by the highest caste), which explains why the dark templar are less industrious than the craftsmen guilds of the khalai (light) protoss.

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