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Thread: Unit Pictures

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    I think that Hydralisk (it has 4000 muscles) shoots, first it comprime the head's shell and he expand that shoulder area that contain the holes that shoots spines, fire and fury cutscene doesn't show the launch and have 4-7 needles launched instead of 2...
    So the contraction produces a expansions of the muscles that create a propulsion so Powerful to can shoot the needles at an insane speed...
    Guys just a curiosity ... How will be an hypotethic SCIII Hydralisk??

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    What the hell my theory is a bit fragile... And where they store needles?? On the flaps located on the head's shell?? I also noticed too that there are not much space on shoulders... But looks at culturists, less of 700 muscles and they increase the muscles volume as hell... Same could do the Hydralisk, i mean 4000 muscles... And look at the arms, under the little plating (look my image of HD models) there are muscles biggers of the ones of Mike Tyson or even also a Human culturist...
    I start to think that the holes on the shoulders are only aesthetycal... They are also on the elbows... Only one thing is sure, they shoots spines from the shoulders, maybe not from the holes but also maybe yes... So confused!!! Silly Blizzard asd
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robear View Post
    I guess I should recolor the scythe/claws brown to reflect the fact that in HotS they weren't just thin blades, but thick, jointed brown carapace. But I'm not worrying too much because they both appear at a very small resolution in the actual chart.

    Nice Naga palette swap.

    Aimed towards Blizzard, not you Excellent work as always.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEconomist View Post
    Nice Naga palette swap.
    I know, right? First thing I thought of when I got WCIII: Frozen Throne— "Dude, that's how hydralisks should move!" And I proceeded to watch the intro cinematic over and over again for the shot of those Naga slithering. XD

    As for Hydra spine storage, now I'm just going to guess that they only store maybe 10 at a time, max, and then have to wait for new ones to grow. If they fire at a nice, slow rate of one spine at a time, they'd be able to produce new ones fast enough to keep firing at a more-or-less steady rate: by the time it's fired 9 times, the tenth, newly formed one is rigid enough to be ready, etc.
    But, if, like the one that attacked Warfield, they fire like 7 in one burst, they'd have to wait a while to grow more, which is why that hydralisk had to resort to wrestling him and getting punched in the face instead of just shooting again.

    Haha, I dunno.

    I like the overall look of the SC2 hydra a lot, I don't think for SC3 they'd need to do much redesigning, I'd just want them to change the way they shoot again, 'cause this is my least favorite. Plus it'd be pretty funny if every time hydralisks show up in a game they shoot differently.

    I also wrote down some of my notes on the Sprite hydralisk appearance, for when I draw one. Again, not for this chart, but, because like nobody draws these and WC3 got it wrong by just adding flaps to the cinematic model.

    Open it in a new tab to actually be able to read everything.

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    Oh, this gon' be good.
    Aaand sold.

    Be it through hallowed grounds or lands of sorrow
    The Forger's wake is bereft and fallow

    Is the residuum worth the cost of destruction and maiming;
    Or is the shaping a culling and exercise in taming?

    The road's goal is the Origin of Being
    But be wary through what thickets it winds.

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    Yes VoK this is going to be really sexy! Finally Hydralisk have all the attention it needs :P

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    Here's Hydralisk sprite analysis part 2: some parts overlap with the Zergling sprite model, which the manual render gave us a good look at.

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    If you watch with attention there should be a SC1 hydralisk, if you can focalize your attention away from kerrigan... and somewhere there should be also a SC1 zealot!

    Nice Hydralisk analysis, also if i knew yet that Zergling and Hydraliks used some "recicled" parts

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    Here 2 kick ass fan art of Hydralisk, and i repeat my self, with all the muscles a Hydralisk have they can easily increase the size of shoulder's muscles (sounds weird heh?) to can shoot needles

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    Aah, nostalgia attack!!

    Hey Robear, just curious to know whether the Sc1 Hydralisk sprite of it attacking gives you any further clues as to how the spines are really stored and shot out? Might make for an interesting drawing in itself.
    Yes, that's right! That is indeed ME on the right.


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