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Thread: Unit Pictures

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    Robear, Would you add the HERC? It looks so cool, and I have a reference for the scale.

    HercDeath.jpg - The herc death model has a mutilated torso that falls out of the suit, some indication of scale.
    HercReference.jpg - Side view in a straight position
    HercSide.jpg - View of the front at an angle to understand the parts in the previous photo.
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    I'll absolutely be drawing the HERC. It may not have been a great unit, but I love the design and feel like it fits really well lore-wise. So it'll definitely get a good drawing.

    I've been working on the 3D demo scene a lot. Like the long-distance low-detail Leviathan model, today I made a BW carrier.
    It makes me realllly want to make a high detailed carrier so you can really fly around one, and someday I will. Here is the model with the drawing applied as a texture:

    And here's what it looks like in the demo scene.

    But up close it looks pretty bad. Someday I'll make a higher detail carrier, and there'll be a shuttle or two docked inside it, and interceptors around and stuff.

    I also made the SC2 carrier:

    Here they're both scaled to be the exact same length, but their different shapes are interesting.
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    is cool see two brother together

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    Figured the sc1 carriers were a bit longer.

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    Nova Covert Ops is out, and starts featuring new units right off the bat! Did not expect that. Here's a ship called the Warhawk:

    plus new 'troopers' like the SC:G light infantry, and Nova gets a Void-Seeker-equivalent stealth ship:

    I'm surprised and impressed by the amount effort put into of new models, portraits, music, and map design. They could have done the same missions entirely with old assets but didn't. And the Defiler is finally finished as well.

    Mostly I just feel happy about seeing gameplay elements from SC:Ghost. It's obviously not the same, but, I'm still glad.
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    It's released for you? What time zone are you in? I'm still waiting.
    Aaand sold.

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    I just checked in the map editor. The defiler spells all have placeholder descriptions but they work fine. It has its own portrait AND 'dialogue' sounds. Probably going to be on the next zerg commander then.

    I'm thoroughly impressed with the mission packs so far, in every aspect. I was disappointed when I was ejected to the menu, because midway through mission 3 I hoped they made the first pack have an extra mission.
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    I love the warhawk, already "re-worked/multiplayerified" it and added it to my extension mod.

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    I somehow totally missed this, but they actually shared concept art for Nova's ship back in 2015, including her standing next to it. Very useful.

    I also thought of the Great Fox when I first saw it, hah.

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