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    "Lying on a desert plain with mountains to its north, the city is exceptionally expansive with the core of the city on higher ground than the outlying regions to the southwest on the banks of a river. The city became the capital of the Terran Dominion and during the Brood War the it was the most heavily fortified city in the Dominion."

    Words more or less to that effect, it's around the time when Tosh and co. are moving in on the palace. It made me a bit uneasy since a lot of that was based on observation of the map layout and loading screen. But hey, Spectres canonized it apparently.

    It ain't just that. When I submitted The New Order in one of Blizz's writing competitions, I included the idea that Augustgrad was named after Augustus Mengsk, an idea Blizz apparently liked when they confirmed it on Korhal's star system page.

    Or more likely it's coincidence. But this kind of thing isn't too uncommon in fandom (see for an example). Another example was on, where an author copy-pasted the CnC wiki's Tiberium War articles as part of the background of his/her story. Still, I don't begrude Spectres, since there's only a few lines in question, and a wiki has no ownership of material after all.
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    ^Pretty neat, although the Augustgrad thing probably feels like something they would have come up with anyway.

    I'm gonna get back to working on new drawings soon. In the mean time, I just wanted to post that today Blizzard added a new Hydralisk model to Heroes of the Storm that looks absolutely great, so much better than the SC2 one they were using before. Sorry for the low graphics settings:

    I'm drawing out some ideas for the Hurricane, an unused editor model, which was obviously built around parts of the old alpha version of the Minotaur battlecruiser, but it ends up having a very different overall look than any other battlecruiser design (no hammerhead, no narrow neck). There are also no references to a Hurricane-class battlecruiser afaik.

    In the interest of greater variety in the terran fleet, rather than calling it a Hurricane-class battlecruiser and making it the same size as the Minotaur, I thought I might call it a Hurricane-class destroyer, and make it around 200m long. I don't think destroyers have been mentioned in any Starcraft media, but I like the idea of there being more ship options between tiny aircraft and massive battlecruisers. What do you think?

    I'll also draw the Wanderer-class "vessel" from the War Pigs comic. And that pirate capital ship from HotS.

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    Think it should be battlecruiser sized, as it was one of the battlecruiser specializations. And destroyers have been mentioned in a short story and a novel, albeit with no description.
    Also what length are you going to make the wanderer?.

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    Also what length are you going to make the wanderer?.
    The Wanderer-class is a light cruiser. Early concept art for it was inspired by Serenity, so I'd guess it's comparable in dimension. The specs for Serenity are as follows:

    The ship is 269 feet (82 m) bow to stern, with a 170 feet (52 m) beam, and stands 79 feet (24 m) high when landed.
    Aaand sold.

    Be it through hallowed grounds or lands of sorrow
    The Forger's wake is bereft and fallow

    Is the residuum worth the cost of destruction and maiming;
    Or is the shaping a culling and exercise in taming?

    The road's goal is the Origin of Being
    But be wary through what thickets it winds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robear
    I don't think destroyers have been mentioned in any Starcraft media

    Unfortunately a mention is all there is.

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    Wait... I don't know why it posted that comment as just a link... What I thought I had written was, "maybe we can call the Pirate Capital Ship a destroyer? Or should I just label it a pirate capital ship?" I guess I accidentally pasted over the whole comment. Oops.
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    The pirate capital ship is called a cerberus in the editor.

    Destroyers are mentioned in one of the short stories, Acid Burns. They have hangars large enough to hold a fleet of medivacs, and nuclear silos. However, no physical description is given.
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    I think that mister Robear missed a a lot of new Zerg models on Heroes of the Storm

    Hydralisk Shooting Shoulders Confirmed once again!

    Don't forget about the beautiful Luxoria and Skeletal variantions

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