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Thread: Unit Pictures

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    That was an interesting read. I never noticed the detail on the zergling, like the lip. Maybe I just don't remember it haha

    You know, I can't wrap my head around how to model. It seems similar to sculpting, but I've never been good at 3D art. I managed to fail making a mug in an art class.
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    Thanks for being interested!
    (For the lip thing, it curls its lip/bares the teeth just in front of the eye basically every other time it breathes, it's doing it pretty much constantly. It's small, but a really nice touch to give the portrait some animalistic life.)

    For me it was easier to start out thinking of the models as cardboard boxes or lego bricks rather than sculpting. Break things down into what they call 'primitives,' basic shapes, in your head. Like a mug, that's just a cylinder with half a ring on the side, you don't have to worry about how you would sculpt that when you can just put those two pieces next to each other. Obviously it gets more complicated, you can't just stack boxes and cylinders together forever, but it's a great start, and for something like my Wraith model that's like 90% of it.
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    For some reason, the last 5 months of posts here seem to be gone. That isn't going to stop me from continuing to post and check in occasionally and all that, but it seems as good a time as any to mention that I mostly post the same updates to deviantart that I post here. So if this forum goes down completely and you still want to get in contact/see what's up with the Starcraft scale stuff, I'll be over here.

    (this doesn't mean I'm leaving!)

    This forum this was the only place I had for sharing official reference of all the units and models and discussing them, but I do have most of the references saved locally on my computer, so again, if this site ever completely dies you can message me on deviantart if you want help finding any of those.

    Anyway, continuing with the normal sporadic updates, high templar model has an idle animation now:

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    ever i find your art in devian art ... good templar

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    We got a few new things from NCO 3, although the scaling on the cutscene with the taldarim was horrible...

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    Really the scene looks good but as you say the scales are totally horrible with the void rays

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    Yup. The ships warped in, smaller than the buildings, and I thought to myself, "aw man... no...."

    Then the animation of the void rays torching stuff was awesome, at least.
    I'd guess the void rays here were the same size as the undersized one that shows up inside the war room of the Spear of Adun. It was certainly the same model, though recolored (as opposed to making a jagged-edged Tal'darim void ray variant like the in-game unit).

    Weirdly you can see through the overlapping areas of the mothership and the skyscraper. I actually think the motherships were supposed to be rendered behind the skyscrapers, but to fake atmospheric fog/light scattering they just had the further away skyscrapers at 50% opacity so they'd be fading into the color of the sky. And then you see the motherships through them... They'd still be way too small though.

    I nabbed a youtube pic of the loading screen that immediately follows the cutscene, however, where the mothership is appropriately sky-dominating, and larger than any of the skyscrapers. So they're pretty openly acknowledging that the scale of the cutscene was off.

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    The loading screen with the Xanthos is interesting. However some checks in the editor reveals it was originally going to be a new battlecruiser class, only placeholder models though.

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    So I'm hopefully approaching a 'version 1.0' release of this. There are a lot more features I'd love to implement, a lot more untextured/unanimated or unfinished models of units I would love to add, and of course more units I would love to make from scratch, but I'm going to focus on finishing up what I have here just to have it out there.

    Still some more texturing work to do (haven't touched most of the HT's body, and the cloth is totally untextured rn) but here's a nice shot of the High Templar in front of the Phoenix.

    The units in 'version 1.0' will be the Ghost, Marine, High Templar, Zergling, SCV, Wraith, Dropship, Valkyrie, non-canon SC1 Battlecruiser, Mutalisk, Overlord, and Phoenix. And then way in the background super low-detail models of carriers and the Leviathan.

    Sadly that might be it for now, but I assume that enough people will think that this is cool that there will be demand for more.

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