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    We all know they're probably gonna show up, Blizzard said so themselves... somewhere. What are your thoughts on them though.

    Do you think they're gonna be in WoL?
    And how long do you think they'll take part in the trilogy?
    Do you think by LotV, either of them will be a new race?

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    Xel'Naga at least will not be in WoL as during the blizzcon sc2 art panel they clearly stated they were not doing any Xel'Naga art (besides the occasional temple) for WoL.

    As for the trilogy as a whole, I think the thing that makes the Xel'Naga work is that they are a mystery, thus I do not expect to see much, if any, of them. Definitely expect the hybrids somewhere though, probably in the 2nd or 3rd piece of the trilogy

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    they fit the best into the story for LoV. no connection to WoL, maybe a hint here or there in HoS.
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    I'm hoping they make some kind of new race by LotV, just to really add something new. I mean sure, the original 3 are great and all, but another race would add a LOT of replayability. Then again, maybe they'd have to add another campaign for them. Further pushing the story along xD

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    Well you can't belive what they are saying about the story told in SC2, because they don't want to spoil the fun, there were lot's of things that they denided in previous history (they even denided StarCraft 2 few months before the WWI in Korea).
    I think that we will see the Xel Naga later in those other two expansions, but thats another 2 years of waiting.

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    Maybe in the Protoss mini-campaign.

    I think that the Xel'Naga and the Hybrids are going to take central roles in the Zerg and Protoss campaigns. I can see Terrans being included in the Protoss campaign, also, when the shit takes real proportions. At least Raynor, but maybe Valerian.
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    I think humanity, the lowly third-party player in this way between epic powers, will somehow be instrumental in the awakening of the Hybrids. I'm sure you'll only face the Hybrids once or twice, and getting fleeting glimpses of them.
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    I agree with Vision.

    I feel like near the middle of WoL, Zeratul will inform Raynor of the Xel'naga and the artifacts. Also, the Dominion has been after the artifacts for some reason.

    I think there will be two or three encounters with Hybrids and a skirmish with an early xel'naga figure or perhaps Duran.

    Also, for the Zerg Campaign, I think since Kerrigan seems quite knowledgeable and worried of a greater threat that the Zerg will be putting up a large brunt of the fight with the Hybrids or Xel'Naga. I can't imagine why she would come out just to take out the Dominion or the Protoss since imo they really aren't an enormous threat to her.

    That's my guess though.

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