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Thread: The Random Players Thread

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    For solo or team games?

    For solo you pretty much have to learn all builds, there's no easy answer here. However, you have an inherent advantage when employing cheeses and all-in strategies. I would start here. The gist of it is that all builds are statistically behind to vs. random. If you don't early scout, you can easily lose to a cheese and that's what smart Random players start with. If you early scout, you are a few seconds behind your random opponent. Consider that even the best players lose to standard cheese at some point. Random makes all scenarios even scarier.

    Imagine you have estimated the following times:

    6 pool comes at X time
    10 pool comes at Y time
    4 gate comes at Z time
    3 rax comes at T time

    These are some of ways you could cheese and unless you early scout, your build must be prepared for all of them.

    Furthermore, this quandry works to your favor on 4 base maps. I would definitely thumbs down any 2 base maps. A 9 scout on a bad map is death to a 9 pool or 3 rax. As P don't cheese unless its vs P and if you do stick to CR. Against Z you can attempt a cannon contain, which requires some macro discipline.
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    Hey guys I want you all to know that my team is playing/did great this weekend so I am going to go ahead and make it my status because I know you all care and want to know my opinion on it.
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    For solo play.

    I've tried classic cheese but it usually doesn't work too well even if I'm not early scouted. It might just be my execution. My current (not too specific) game plans right now are the following:

    TvZ: Delay expo with a depot, pump 4 hellions with reactor, send right away while making a banshee + cloak. If the cheese doesn't auto win, keep making hellions + marines + banshee and try to end it when you have 3 banshee. If it doesn't work, expo and play standard you won't be behind.

    TvP: If p is doing fe and map doesn't have too much ramps, 2 rax(reactor + tech lab) rush, research stim asap and go with 3 scv + army when you have 2-3 marauders. If you do enough damage but don't win, play standard you have an advantage, else gg. If the map has too much ramps, do the 1/1/1. Try to never go into late game!

    TvT: Open up with a hellion drop followed by 1 banshee for control (similar to TvZ except it's a drop). Then take expo and play standard.

    PvZ: If close spawn, 2 gate, attack when you 3-4 zealots and bring some probes. Go straight for the workers/queen. If you don't win, forge + canon then quickly tech to air. If air fails, gg. If not close spawn, standard forge FE.

    PvT: Chrono 3 stalkers from 2 gate quickly and move out. If it does some damage follow with a late 4 gate. If not, robo + expo and play standard.

    PvP: 4 gate...

    ZvT: Ban bust. If it fails, play standard.

    ZvP: I've tried many things... but it fails each time mostly because of the stupid FF. I'm trying to come up with some sort of early roach timing drop but it doesn't look too successful right now. So usually I just play standard.

    ZvZ: lings + banes all in.

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    Well this was certainly not as random as you might think...

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