Download here:

This replay package consists of a total of 209 replays. The content is basically all Brood War 2v2v2v2 Big Game Hunters games. Zip file size 39.62 MB. Additionally you can probably match the replay date with a live video recording here:

All of these games were played on USEast under my alias TesteR. Additionally played 2 games under the alias DoMiNaToR. USEast provides a great atmosphere for a lot of bm chat during the games and occasionally hackers.

Average game duration is 38 mins 28 secs. Average APM 162. I started playing Protoss mainly but then towards the end I switched to random. Most of the games are played with 1-7 inner friends. Not too much pub stomping.

Protoss is my strongest race. Terran is my middle race. Zerg is my worst. Reasoning behind replay package was to showcase the epic games filled with a lot of micro & macro intensive moments.

My accomplishments include finished 2nd in a 2v2v2v2 BGH ladder league season 1 in Aug 2009. ICCup best ranks C- 1x1 and B- 2x2.