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Thread: Your fondest memory gaming

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    I'll have to steal those D2 Rules from you, Blazur, because that sounded awesome

    One of my fondest memories include 4 player FFA Goldeneye 64, Basements, proximity mines ONLY! It's the only FPS game that is good on a console, imo

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    My fondest memory in gaming? There's gaming by myself, and there's multiplayer.

    By myself, it would have to be winning Master of Orion 2 on Impossible for the first time. It had come down to a massive battle between my 250-300 Doomstars, and the entire fleet of the rest of the galaxy united under a single faction. That battle took the entire evening, and I had to finish it the following morning. This, after a game that took 2 weeks to get to where I was. Oh the good times.

    In multiplayer, over at the office we play Unreal Tournament when we work faster than we should have. This year for my birthday we just took several 2 litre size bottles of beer to the office and had an all out Deathmatch with sound to the max. Needless to say, a few hours into the game, we couldn't hit the broad side of a bunker with the chaingun, but from what I remember it was awesome.
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    All weekend LAN parties with Starcraft.

    2 rooms 4 people in each, never had more fun than these huge 4vs4 starcraft matches.
    What especialy made them fun was that it was long before the time of replays and VoDs so no one really knew how to play good and all had theire special ways of playing. Noobs vs noobs.

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    Big the fuckin cat! thats who! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ugh, rainbowtoesocks, you sicken me. i hope you aren't serious, because i may have to put you on my ignore list.
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