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Thread: Your fondest memory gaming

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    Default Your fondest memory gaming

    What is your fondest memory of gaming?

    For me, it had to be one particular Diablo 2 LAN party. My buddies and I were regular players of the game and held frequent LAN parties lasting throughout weekends. One day we decided to make a drinking game out of Diablo 2, with the rules as following:

    For me it has to be a particular LAN party where we made a drinking game out of Diablo2. Here's the rules we put forth...

    • Drink every time your character or hireling gains a level.
    • Drink whenever you return to town.
    • Drink whenever you pick up a set or unique item.
    • Everybody slam their beers if a set of items is completed.
    • Drink whenever a rune is dropped.
    • Drink whenever a unique moster is defeated.
    • Social whenever a quest is completed.
    • All finish beers with a social upon completion of an act.
    • Drink twice when your hireling dies.
    • Chug your beer when you're killed (for hardcore drinkers, drink an entirely new beer upon death).

    It was 8 of us playing as a full party with Nine Inch Nails blaring in the background and us depleting several mini-kegs of Heineken. By the end of the day we were so stupidly hammered that we couldn't do anything right in the game.

    What about you?

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    Default Re: Your fondest memory gaming

    haha sounds nice!

    lol my fondest memory of gaming is when I was playing duke nukem 3d on the N64 with my friend when we were kids. We were never playing the real game (cause we both finished it on the pc anyways). The only thing we were doing is going in the 2nd level and pretending that I worked at the restaurant(a new section that was added in the 64 version) and that he worked at the video club(not a porn shop on the 64). Then we were just doing the duties we would do there in real life like cleaning the place up and serving customers. God were we retarded.

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    Default Re: Your fondest memory gaming

    my fondest memory of gaming was playing final fantasy VII and FINALLY beating those damn Ruby and Emerald Weapons.... those bastards. took me 2 hours of fighting, dying, and restarting to beat those guys....
    You represent what is greatest in us all, and all our hopes go with you. EN TARO ADUN, brave Sons of Aiur!

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    Default Re: Your fondest memory gaming

    Pft ruby and emerald are easy

    I remember playing Goldeneye on 64 and going to a one way hall and standing at the end. Me n my friend had duel moonrakers and taped the trigger down. We left for a few hours came back and we had sooo many kills

    Also remember playing Kirby 64 for hours

    Along with pokemon red... FINALLY catching a chansey. yeaaaah

    most hated gaming memory? Dying with one minute left on Desperate Alliance
    Mo fuckin' Mutalisks

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    hey ruby and emerald weren't so easy when i was 13, alright?
    i played Blue, and for me, the holy grail was the Kangaskhan.
    most hated memory? hmmmm, that's a good question. possibly playing Sonic Adeventure 1 on dreamcast and having to go fishing for 23423457 hours just to unlock the next character... who puts fishing in a sonic the hedgehog game?!
    You represent what is greatest in us all, and all our hopes go with you. EN TARO ADUN, brave Sons of Aiur!

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    Default Re: Your fondest memory gaming

    Haha, most hated memory.

    Mine was trying to beat Ninja Gaiden II on the NES (or was it SNES)? That game pissed me off so much I ended up punching my first through my bedroom wall.

    Eventually beat the game but it was infuriating.

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    Default Re: Your fondest memory gaming

    I was playing mechwarrior IV and had gotten to the end where I had to kill this really powerful boss. I tried like 15 times or something until I finally got mad and just made a 95 ton mech that had jump-jets, which I used to jump from the top of a nearby hill on to the top of the boss mech. As a result, the boss mech lost 95% of its armor, and I was able to kill it in just a few shots. I was fucking thrilled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Praetor_Ixab View Post
    who puts fishing in a sonic the hedgehog game?!
    Big the fuckin cat! thats who! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The most fun I've had gaming (in a long time) would have to be a bunch of my friends IRL trying to sit down and get through a game of D&D. Many attempts to sabotage our quest (and go to a party instead of playing D&D) later... the remaining trio of adventurers prepares to descend down the infested well into the caverns beneath the city. Obviously everyone's really pissed off about how the night turned out, so we're getting on each other's nerves.

    My dwarf paladin (who I'm actually attempting to RP; that was fun) decides that he's going to be the first one down the well. So he ties the rope, slowly and carefully makes his way down. All of a sudden Evan the Human Fighter says, "I untie the rope."

    Me: "What?! Um... I grab onto the rope before he unties it! .. can I do that?"
    DM: *does some check* "Yep, you grab onto the rope."
    Me: "I pull Evan down the shaft."
    Evan: "..."
    DM: *does some check* "You succeed. Evan is now falling down the well shaft... he falls on top of you, dealing 8 damage, and takes 4."

    Third guy actually had to jump down (and we caught him). The first group of mobs, hiding just around the corner, had their way with us with little to no resistance.

    Good times...

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    Actually the most hilarious game I had ever was playing against someguy who presented himself to be a total rookie and I said to myself, well I'm not better either so it should be a fair game.
    well, the truth is, that he's a genius.
    in a matter of minutes I was attacked by a line of photon cannons stretching from his base to the BEHIND of mine!! and we were infront of each other.
    after I was in awe, I thanked him for the new strategy


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