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    Congrats for the new add on to the .org network

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    I'll be there in that chat room
    Please be aware of the SC:L Posting Rules and Guidelines.

    If I were you, I'd look at these links. You might even follow or like them or something...

    StarCraft: Legacy: Like us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - Subscribe to our Youtube channel
    Legacy Observer: Watch live on - Like on Facebook - Follow on Twitter - Subscribe to Youtube Channel

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    Default Blizzlive looks EFFING SICK!!

    Really good idea guys to pool info in one place, this will cut down a lot for my RSS feeds. If I could suggest one think though, update your RSS feed faster, sometimes you will update something but it wont come up on my RSS feed for a while...

    but regardless it looks REALLY good, I like the layout and the style.

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    Couple questions, will this site be strictly for Blizzcon or will it be the new place for all things SC2, and are you trying to get other sites to join together in information efforts as well? It might seem worthless but I did go around to other SC2 fan sites to read their personal impressions about SC2 because each one being different and having different experiences. It would be very convenient to have all that in one place.

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    This is just for live Blizzard Events - and it is only for the three sites listed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordofAscension View Post
    This is just for live Blizzard Events - and it is only for the three sites listed.

    Alright sounds good =]

    Just make sure you update that RSS feed right away ;]
    because I'll be oblivious to everything else while at Bcon, so first thing I do when I'm getting back to the hotel is checking my RSS.

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    Good Move
    Quote Originally Posted by DemolitionSquid View Post
    I want my name in bright yellow, to represent "Forum Douchebag."

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    Sorry, but ...what's RSS?

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    Something along the lines of following a website via their RSS, it would give you updates on their activity. Not the best explanation but, it somewhat works like Twitter. You would 'follow' something and you would be updated on any news from that group/person/thing that your following :P

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