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    Actually casting always sounded like something fun that I would like to do. But often my asian accent kinda get in the way and the feel becomes a little weird. After watching EGGrubby vs Sterling match on PLU I thought it might be an interesting idea to be casting in mandarin Chinese. It's so far been just an idea, but I have been looking up certain mandarin vocab of starcraft. I realize there has alot of weird nick names given to the units
    I'll list some of them
    Athena=Banshee (ocassionally used, I don't even know how this one makes any sense)
    But then again not sure who is going to watch a cast that's not English >.<

    Putting plans into action, and Casting my first game in Chinese.
    There was alot of stuttering, umms and pauses. And worst of all Chinglish. I hope i'd get better as I cast more games
    Criticisms and Advice are welcomed
    Cast 1
    Cast 2
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    Could you at least copy/paste into your post up there so it isn't a sentence with a link?

    I would suggest hiding the replay bar, scrolling through the relevant tabs and my best piece of advice to new casters is don't think that you have to fill every single millisecond with speaking - make sure that what you're saying is clear, relevant, and contributes to the viewers understanding of the game

    Nice work for just starting!

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    Thx LoA made the changes, and Uploaded Cast #2

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