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Thread: Real life videogames using paramecia

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    "We tried to mimic some classic video games," he said. For example, one game in which players guide paramecia to "gobble up" little balls, a la PacMan, was christened PAC-mecium. Then there is Biotic Pinball, POND PONG and Ciliaball. The latter game is named for the tiny hairs, called cilia, that paramecia use in a flipper-like fashion to swim around -- and in the game enables kicking a virtual soccer ball.

    The basic design of the games involving paramecia -- the single-celled organisms used in countless biology experiments from grade school classes to university research labs -- consists of a small fluid chamber within which the paramecia can roam freely. A camera sends live images to a video screen, with the "game board" superimposed on the image of the paramecia. A microprocessor tracks the movements of the paramecia and keeps score.

    The player attempts to control the paramecia using a controller that is much like a typical video game controller. In some games, such as PAC-mecium, the player controls the polarity of a mild electrical field applied across the fluid chamber, which influences the direction the paramecia move. In Biotic Pinball, the player injects occasional whiffs of a chemical into the fluid, causing the paramecia to swim one direction or another.
    That's just insane! Screw xbox and nintendo, I want a paramecia!

    Hopefully this won't go farther than with the paramecia though. Right now, it would be impossible to do so. But, in the future, we could easily be controlling a dog or even another human being...

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    Wasn't that what the movie "Gamer" was about?
    I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinsWage View Post
    Wasn't that what the movie "Gamer" was about?
    lol - exactly what I was thinking...

    Just imagine starcraft with real people, insteal of an FPS game - ub3r micro, or someone dies in RL

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    Starcraft in real life:

    You must construct additional pylons or you get zerg rush

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