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Thread: Testing..

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    Cool Testing..

    here's to the crazy ones..

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    Heyyy AJ! Nice to see the legacy continue after some delays


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    Grats on the site launch guys! 8)

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    Good job!

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    Liking the new site. Good work.
    Arcturus Mengsk did nothing wrong. Tarsonis is just a conspiracy theory.

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    Worth the wait

    like you are back!!!


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    It's great to have SCL back.

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    Ahhhhh, the wait is over! Feels good to wake up to such a beautiful site once again

    Forums could be a lot bigger though, haha.

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    I'm impress with the new SCL look. Good luck to the new SCL!

    I was going to register for the old SCL until I went to old SCL with that countdown. Oh well no big deal but the wait was nagging me.

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    AJ, my man, WHAT UP DAWG?

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