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08-17-2010, 12:37 AM
SO i have been watching alot of starcraft on utube and reading alot of forum and fan pages as well as the official sc2 website stuff. Im pretty good with strats, knowing wat to do, the ins and outs of weaknesses etc and decent timing and predictions.

BUT today i played sc2 for the first time, i jumped right into some 1v1s on LT and a couple other maps, and i got owned lol. I was playing on custom and it turns out my first 2 opponents were diamond league players but still. I got raped. anyways my rant isnt about how hard i got owned but about how different the theory and action of the game really is. My apm couldnt match up to my startegy and thought process, I knew wat i had to do but couldnt perform fast enough or execute the action properly. I would always have around 500-1000 minerals stored up and 1-2 idle workers and 1-2 units off to the side i forgot about. now i really respect some of the pros out there and their ability to multitask.

ANYways i was playing random and ended up being terran and zerg most of the time, got toss once but opponent left 5 mins in so not too sure about toss (however 80 percent of my opponents used toss). I noticed i had an easier time managing production and my minerals with terran. I could easily que up marines or tanks when i realized i wasnt macroing fast enough or something. with zerg i would forget to spawn larve would cost me some time and units. Oddly I ended up 2-6 playing 1v1s in custom today. both my wins came from zerg lol. I didnt win with terran once. but to be fair most of my opponents when i was using zerg were unranked or low ranked players and when i was terran they were plat or above.

08-17-2010, 07:15 AM
IIRC, custom games aren't ranked, so i don't know if it's a good idea to play themif you're starting at this. Using the matchmaker will put you with oponents of similar skill, so you don't get destroyed by Diamond players.

08-17-2010, 09:32 AM
Even though you know what to do, what strategies to use, and what counters what, nothing will ever replace experience.

You need to realize, that it takes alot of time and dedication to get good at Starcraft, or RTS games in general. You can't expect to steamroll diamond players, just cause you " know " strategies and watch the Day9 daily. In fact, I'm sure that almost every silver player does that.

As for picking a race, don't play random. Learn one race at a time, instead of all three. Even though you can queue up units as a terran, it's a bad habit. Instead of queuing up units you should learn how you can spend your minerals as efficient as possible.

I find it stupid to say, that you respect the pro's because of their ability to " multitask ".
" Multitasking " becomes essential, from gold league and up. It's something you learn along the way. The reason I'm putting the " sign up before multitask, is because many players ( including myself ) do not multitask.
If you think that producing workers, while engaging in combat is multitasking, let me tell you. It's not. Many players who do so, are able to do it, because they keep it in the back of their heads.

I myself, am sitting in the top of my platinum division. I'm sure that i play at a mid diamond level. But i can't multitask. If i try to do it in real life, stuff breaks. Seriously :)

Once you play some games, you start to get into the habit of producing workers, making units, macroing in general and such. That's whats important. Try not to get focused all up on multitasking. Instead, try to play some games. Try watching your replays, and see what you could do better.
And watch some youtube vods :)

As i said. It all comes down to experience. Theory means almost nothing when compared to execution and timing. That being said, metagame is important. But try working on the way you play. Try not making mistakes. Then think about theory.

08-17-2010, 04:50 PM
Wat i seem to have most trouble with is hot keys, which i guess only takes time to remember, altho the ones that make sense are easy, like d for drone. And also control groups I sometimes forget about control groups on production buildings, saves alot of time just pressing 3 than going back to my base to select them.

In one of my games i got void ray rushed and i didnt know wat to do. I had like 8 marines vs 2 voidrays and my stim was still researching (shoulda done that sooner) and he microed and had them fully charge and owned my marines. So i sent the rest of my units to his base and it was almost empty, i destroyed alot of probes before he held of the attack but by then the void rays were owning my cc so hard and i knew i was gonna lose coz i wouldnt have minerals to fight back and he will slowly but surely finish me off.

08-17-2010, 08:58 PM
play ranked games, it puts you against people at your level. And watching isn't same as playing, just like everything else.

If you watch football(soccer) all the time, that doesn't make you any good at it, same with SC1 and now SC2.

I remember when playing SC1 first couple of times even against AI, I would build like 5 workers and think I'm good with a total of 9 workers and I lost at least 20 games to the AI, until I realized I need to build a heck of a lot more workers.

So that just shows, how much experience means.

08-18-2010, 10:13 AM
it wasnt my account so I couldnt play ranked, i was at a friends house and he was at mid gold rank i think. Im appearantly close to silver he said and I played some more and beat 2 mid silver guys on custom and just barely lost to a gold.