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First Interview

Source: http://game.chosun.com/article/view.php?no=60676

Better Translation (courtesy of JinSol from TL.net)

We met a Korean developer of Blizzard Entertainment’s (Shortened as Blizzard) anticipated RTS game Starcraft 2 (Shortened as Star 2).

David Kim (Korean name Kim Tae Hyun) appeared in the 3rd battle report and showcased talent of a pro gamer to become a topic among the gaming community. He is one of the 50 core developers of ‘Star 2’.

Although he won’t reveal details about ‘Star 2’, he had a light conversation with the reporter about his pride being a developer for Blizzard.

Q: How did you become to work in a foreign country?

A: I was born in Korea and went to college in Vancouver, Canada, majoring in computer science. I was going to work for programming for the “Company of Heroes” and “Warhammer 4000” series but then became a balance designer for Relic.

What is the difference between Blizzard and Relic?

For both companies excelling in making RTS games, it seems like Blizzard concerns more for the eSports side while Relic concerns more about diverse methods of play. The companies individually, make their games fun and they are both great companies.

Q: What job do you hold in Blizzard?

A: I am a balance designer for ‘Star 2’. In other words, I make it so that units are needed in certain situations and also make it so that the units are used well in all games. The main goal right now is to match the unit’s characteristics to its race characteristics.

Q: What do you think is Blizzard’s strengths?

A: It is that anybody can express their opinion equally. Any concern, regardless of job, is discussed freely. Also, in each division there are extremely skilled people that are chosen as the leader so as the work progresses, it is arranged that there is a lot of agreement. (This was quite hard to translate, so many words I didn’t know, sorry if it’s wrong haha)

Q: What game do you enjoy usually?

A: My first online game is ‘World of Warcraft’. I am raising an undead mage. I am looking forward to the game ‘AION’.

Q: Your ‘Star 2’ skill level?

A: I am ranked 1st in the current ladder. However, when the game comes out, I will probably get owned by the gamers in Korea (laugh).

Second Interview

Source: http://osen.freechal.com/news/view.asp?code=G0906240019

Google Translate:

[OSEN = Irvine (United States), goyongjun News] once in a survey in South Korea and 20 young people want to get a job when asked to work out a lot of companies joining the game was one of the answer. If so, attend the game companies want to go Where is the. It is famous for Starcraft and Blizzard's Warcraft series.

Blizzard is located in Irvine, California, United States the United States, Europe and Asia from a global company employs 3,000 people. Founded in 1991, the third-party developers from Blizzard Entertainment's best renowned as the software publishers said.

Blizzard 3000 with its headquarters staff in Irvine, who was one of the Koreans are doing mission. Starcraft 2 battle reports 1, 2, 3, shot by the name David Kim (27). South Korea is the name of the hero, Mr. gimtaeyeon.

To high school in Korea after Kim geonneogan to Canada in 2007 announced Starcraft 2 WWI balpyojang has decided to join in the Blizzard. Kim, known at the time of the old company raelrik wohaemeosirijeu Entertainment.

David Kim, the 2007 winter, the winter of that year he went to Tokyo, joined the Blizzard. He joined New Star Craft 2 Blizzard jejakseo most important role in the balance, one of the e-sports fan to take the designer about his name, said.

David ildap the gimgwa ilmun.

- What is the role baelreoseu designer.
▲ to create a role, but the battle between the races in multiplayer for sangseong pretentious terrain is responsible for the design.

- You know have an interest in the game. Blizzard should explain to the joining process.
Of the Dragonball series ▲ Super paemikom has an interest in the game. Graduated from high school and college in Canada to study and, naturally, has joined the game companies in Canada. Starcraft 2 development in 2007 heard that the company was always interested and will be supported.

- Feel good that some jeominji to work at Blizzard. The balance, if the designer wishes to me for advice.
▲ The best thing is my hobby yieotdaneunde Blizzard game. To work with a fun hobby. They are outstanding in their fields to work together more than anything when you are that comfortable. Reliable and trustworthy can be upset in the works. The balance of the designer if you have one, you better be ready to focus. Simple game, the game's better than trying to figure out the differences between species sangseong the development of such relations should be thinking about is you.

- Blizzard, if you want to tell HR. And do the job
▲ I do not know the truth. But I think wijuin skills. Of course, a team of 12 decisions, and communicate with everyone regardless of position and ability to agree to find a solution to people's.

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The company ranks No. 1 in Leather.

I love google translate. :D

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I love google translate. :D

Lol! Who dosnt. Good post though OP!

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I love google translate. :D

lol yeah, I'm about to update with a better translation.

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Of the Dragonball series ▲ Super paemikom has an interest in the game.

Personally, I like this sentence...

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WTF shortened Star 2?!?What about SC2 ,OMG do they even know what they are talking about :)

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Here is more info, without google translate :)

David Kim (korean name is Kim Tae-Hyun if anyone cares) is a korean developer working for Blizzard who has shown off skills rivaling pro gamers and has become a hot issue amongst gamers. He's one of the 50 key developers working on SC2.

He was born in Korea and did a degree in comp sci in vancouver, canada
He went off to do balance designer work for Relic in company of heroes and warhammer 40000 (thanks FA)
He's a balance designer for sc2. i.e. making all units in sc2 have a useful role in certain situations and making them easy to use in all games. Currently, the main goal is to complement each unit's unique traits to the race's traits.

Blizzard's strength is in being able to say your opinion equally. Every discussion is done freely without concern for who has what position. It has people with exceptional talent in each area as the main person. Also, each area has suitable people working in them.

He plays WoW ;; raising an undead mage
Waiting for AION (thanks Pufftrees) to come out.

Current SC2 skills? #1 in the company ladder page. He believes that he'll soon be pushed back by korean gamers once the game comes out lol

He thinks blizzard focuses more on esports and relic focuses on working on introducing a variety of playstyles.
*insert he thinks both companies are super duper awesome and he likes both of them*

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2nd one translated by SC:L here: http://sclegacy.com/forums/showthread.php?p=9194

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WTF shortened Star 2?!?What about SC2 ,OMG do they even know what they are talking about :)

I think he SAID "Star 2" through his mouth, and the text is a direct quote of that.

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Star is what Koreans call StarCraft for short. Star is actually two syllables if said in Korean. Something close to seuh-tah. SC is three syllables: eh-seuh-see. StarCraft would be seuh-tah-kuh-rah-pu-teuh, 6 syllables. And that is why it's Star, not SC.

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Wow lol. That's interesting.

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Yeah thought it was a korean thing.

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