View Full Version : Whats partially annoying me about the release time

12-24-2009, 02:56 AM
I have 1 major gripe about why i think its taking so long to release the damn game.

Because Blizzard has sat on the 'Most balanced game EVAR" award for Starcraft BW, which means that it seems they are trying to get perfect balance to SC2 from release, which is retarded.

Just release the damn thing soon with alright balance. Perfect balance with only their own testers is impossible. Hell, the only reason SC1 was in any way balanced was because of 12 years of patches and research.

Blizz just needs to hurry up, make the game finished, pretty and slightly balanced and then fix it later.

12-24-2009, 03:04 AM
They are not. They know it's not gonna be perfect from the start, Dustin himself said it. They are just taking their time so that whatever they will release will be high quality even if there's no perfect balance on day one.

Please refrain from making complaint threads against Blizzard. Thread closed.