View Full Version : StarCraft - Tactical Shift

08-15-2012, 09:04 PM
Just an idea I've had. No experience with galaxy editor, so I most likely won't be doing this myself. Just throwing out there.

The game could be called 'tactical shift!', because it allows the player to shift their tactics via something like the 'talents menu' in many RPG-type maps in WoL.

You get talent points by killing enemy units, and accomplishing map related objectives (ie. kill a monster that's hiding out).

The game itself is ordinary melee - gather minerals, construct units, etc. Depending on the settings, you may need to purchase tactics in order to unlock tech such as medevacs, medics, marines, etc.

You can only have so many tactics at a time (no balancing parameters yet; it would closely be limited to the ordinary unit variety; say if terran have three vehicle types, they might eliminate one for a new infantry type - maybe two vehicle or infantry types must be sacrificed for an extra type of air). Therefor, you could have 8 different infantry units but only 1 air, three different air and four vehicle types but only 1 infantry, etc.

So the game is basically just a mod of an ordinary by-the-books ladder game. The difference is that players have the choice of swapping marauders for firebats (as an example; just one of many alternate units, tech upgrades, spells or other ideas for shifting up gameplay), if they want a slow anti-infantry infantry.

Also, leaves it open for new units. Swap a medevac for a grizzly (half unit capacity, moves faster, less hp, much cheaper to build, and has an air-to-ground gun) and then change out your marauders for medics (the BW ones with blind and restoration spells, in addition to healing).

Of course, some combos would be totally imbalanced (not even considering the imbalance or absolute triumph of individual units with no truly effective counters - the same going for tech and spells) and will be favourable over others. But I think that it does provide a convenient way of introducing hundreds of custom units into regular RTS play.

And yeah. What do you think?