View Full Version : B.net 2.0 U.I. Threads

02-14-2012, 11:01 AM
Team Liquid has a very popular thread that has resurrected the issue of the B.net 2.0 interface:


Its certainly worth a read. There are also huge threads about the issue(s) on Blizzard's forums.


In short, the threads are calling for a massive interface redesign, clan support, automated tournaments, player statistics, better chat features with private moderated channels, etc.

Essentially its calling for Battle.net features that were available with WarCraft III. Most interestingly, a common thread of complaint has been that while SC2 is an awesome game, the Battle.net 2.0 platform leaves players feeling alone.

I have to agree with that sentiment, as I remember as a kid with StarCraft Broodwar I used to log onto Battle.net and just hang out. It should also be noted that Blizzard recently posted job openings for interface designers, so hopefully the message is beginning to get through. If you support the issue, post wherever you like, but lets just raise awareness of it!


02-14-2012, 03:54 PM
Would love all these great sounding features....

...but all I really want is a quick, easy way to export build orders from the score screen into an excel sheet or something. How is there not an easy way to do that?