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12-07-2011, 05:40 AM
Upcoming 10 man tournament running from the 12th to 17th of December.

Group Stage: 1,000,000 KRW each (US$888)
Round of 6: 2,000,000 KRW each (US$1776)
Round of 4: 5,000,000 KRW each (US$4440)
Runner-up: 10,000,000 KRW each (US$8880)
Champion: 40,000,000 KRW each (US$35,520)

Invited players...

12-07-2011, 05:45 AM
Group Stage. Best of 1s. Top 3 in group advance. 1st in group to RO4. 2nd and 3rd in group to RO6.
Group A: IMMVP [T], oGsMC [P], LiquidHerO [P], Mill.Stephano [Z], MvPDongRaeGu [Z]
IMMVP [T] vs oGsMC [P] (Bel'Shir Beach)
IMMVP [T] wins

LiquidHerO [P] vs Mill.Stephano [Z] (Daybreak)
Mill.Stephano [Z] wins

IMMVP [T] vs MvPDongRaeGu [Z] (Tal'Darim Altar)
MvPDongRaeGu [Z] wins

LiquidHerO [P] vs oGsMC [P] (Calm Before the Storm)
oGsMC [P] wins

MvPDongRaeGu [Z] vs Mill.Stephano [Z] (Crossfire SE)
Mill.Stephano [Z] wins

LiquidHerO [P] vs IMMVP [T] (Antiga Shipyard)
IMMVP [T] wins

Mill.Stephano [Z] vs oGsMC [P] (Dual Sight)
oGsMC [P] wins

LiquidHerO [P] vs MvPDongRaeGu [Z] (Shakuras Plateau)
MvPDongRaeGu [Z] wins

Mill.Stephano [Z] vs IMMVP [T] (Shakuras Plateau)
IMMVP [T] wins

oGsMC [P] vs MvPDongRaeGu [Z] (Crossfire SE)
MvPDongRaeGu [Z] wins

MvPDongRaeGu [Z] 3-1 in group. Advances to RO4.
IMMVP [T] 3-1 in group. Advances to RO6.
oGsMC [P] 2-2 in group. Advances to RO6.
Mill.Stephano [Z] 2-2 in group.
LiquidHerO [P] 0-4 in group.

Group B: IMNesTea [Z], SlayerSMMA [T], QxGNaNiwa [P], FXOLeenock [Z], TSLPolt [T]
IMNesTea [Z] vs SlayerSMMA [T] (Daybreak)
SlayerSMMA [T] wins

FXOLeenock [Z] vs QxGNaNiwa [P] (Bel'Shir Beach)
FXOLeenock [Z] wins

IMNesTea [Z] vs TSLPolt [T] (Crossfire SE)
TSLPolt [T] wins

FXOLeenock [Z] vs SlayerSMMA [T] (Dual Sight)
SlayerSMMA [T] wins

QxGNaNiwa [P] vs TSLPolt [T] (Tal'Darim Altar)
TSLPolt [T] wins

FXOLeenock [Z] vs IMNesTea [Z] (Antiga Shipyard)
FXOLeenock [Z] wins

QxGNaNiwa [P] vs SlayerSMMA [T] (Calm Before the Storm)
SlayerSMMA [T] wins

FXOLeenock [Z] vs TSLPolt [T] (Metalopolis)
FXOLeenock [Z] wins

QxGNaNiwa [P] vs IMNesTea [Z] (Antiga Shipyard)
IMNesTea [Z] wins

SlayerSMMA [T] vs TSLPolt [T] (Bel'Shir Beach)
TSLPolt [T] wins


SlayerSMMA [T] 3-1 in group.
FXOLeenock [Z] 3-1 in group.
TSLPolt [T] 3-1 in group.
IMNesTea [Z] 1-3 in group.
QxGNaNiwa [P] 0-4 in group.

Tiebreaker to decide placing:
SlayerSMMA [T] vs FXOLeenock [Z] (Daybreak)
SlayerSMMA [T] wins

TSL Polt [T] vs FXOLeenock [Z] (Antiga Shipyard)
FXOLeenock [Z] wins

SlayerSMMA [T] vs TSLPolt [T] (Crossfire SE)
SlayerSMMA [T] wins

Overall tiebreaker results:
SlayerSMMA [T] 2-0
FXOLeenock [Z] 1-1
TSL Polt [T] 0-2

Players advancing to RO6:
Group A: MvPDongRaeGu [Z], IMMVP [T], oGsMC [P]
Group B: SlayerSMMA [T], FXOLeenock [Z], TSL Polt [T]

RO6. Best of 5s.
oGsMC [P] vs FXOLeenock [Z]
Dual Sight: oGsMC [P] wins
Shakuras Plateau: oGsMC [P] wins
Tal'Darim Altar: oGsMC [P] wins
oGsMC [P] wins 3-1

IMMVP [T] vs TSL Polt [T]
Crossfire SE: IMMVP [T] wins
Daybreak: IMMVP [T] wins
Bel'Shir Beach: TSL Polt [T] wins
Calm Before the Storm: IMMVP [T] wins
IMMVP [T] wins 3-1

Players advancing to semifinals:
oGsMC [P],

Semifinals. Best of 5s.
oGsMC [P] vs MvPDongRaeGu [Z]
Antiga Shipyard: MvPDongRaeGu [Z] wins
Shakuras Plateau: oGsMC [P] wins
Dual Sight: oGsMC [P] wins
Calm Before the Storm: MvPDongRaeGu [Z] wins
Crossfire SE: MvPDongRaeGu [Z] wins
MvPDongRaeGu [Z] wins 3-2

IMMVP [T] vs SlayerSMMA [T]
Calm Before the Storm: SlayerSMMA [T] wins
Bel'Shir Beach: SlayerSMMA [T] wins
Shakuras Plateau: SlayerSMMA [T] wins
SlayerSMMA [T] wins 3-0

MvPDongRaeGu [Z], SlayerSMMA [T]

Finals. Best of 7.
MvPDongRaeGu [Z] vs SlayerSMMA [T]
Crossfire SE: SlayerSMMA [T] wins
Tal'Darim Altar: SlayerSMMA [T] wins
Bel'Shir Beach: SlayerSMMA [T] wins
Dual Sight: MvPDongRaeGu [Z] wins
Daybreak: MvPDongRaeGu [Z] wins
Antiga Shipyard: MvPDongRaeGu [Z] wins
Shakuras Plateau: SlayerSMMA [T] wins
SlayerSMMA [T] wins 4-3

Winner of Blizzard Cup 2011:

12-08-2011, 03:19 PM
puma should be there...

12-12-2011, 05:19 AM
puma should be there...

Well.....he lost at Dreamhack. And NASL had a real lack of Korean talent. So unsurprising the only Korean SC2 pro league decides not to include NASL winner.