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The long running battle for names begins again as Blizzard concludes another long silence and words reach our ears of betas in winter and broken promises.  It's all a little disappointing, but we must soldier on.  Welcome to the, woefully misnamed, latest edition of the...


The Legacy Weekly


SC:L Summary


We began our publication of community editorials including DemolitionSquid's Proton Charge article and ShadowAldrius' analysis of Sarah Kerrigan.  More are on the way, including ArcherofAiur's Macro Mechanic dissection and Honage's "Flaming Tightrope From Hell".

We uploaded a unique interview with Dustin Browder from BlizzCon.  ChaosSmurf's hurt arm is testament to its awesome length.  Also available are the 2v2 Exhibition Matches from BlizzCon.


Blizz News


Blizzard now have their own YouTube channel.  Expect to see all their trailers, gameplay videos and footage here.  This seems to be part of a general relaunch of their website, bringing it up to date from the version that has been in use for many years.

A new Q&A batch was posted.  This is the first one in a long while and we are happy to see them return - plans for more seem to be in the works, along with Battle Report 4 currently going through localisation.

Due to the delays of the game itself the comic contest has been extended.  Get to it, artists! 


Fan Art
This week's piece comes from Victor R. "conquerorsaint" Santos Jr. and is based off the Zeratul wallpaper concept art.
Community News

In a big move for him, Jos "ret" de Kroon is moving to Korea to try and become the second foreigner to play professionally.  Commentator Artosis did an interview with him here.

Thank you for your attentions, we'll see you again for another edition of the Legacy Weekly.

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