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Events approach at a rate of knots, speeding like an upgrade Vulture towards our battle lines of assumptions and knowledge.  Timers descend, plans are prepared, buttons are pressed, plane tickets and press passes are printed.  StarCraft: Legacy sends its very best to Anaheim, pens in hand ready to upload directly to your favourite (it better be) fansite.  In a slight return we present the latest issue of...


The Legacy Weekly


SC:L Summary


We're reported so much in the last week and since our last issue that heads would spin were we to repost it all.  Just the best for weekly readers:

Our contests came to a close.  We consider them to have been a massive success, with impressive entries in all categories.  Keep an eye out for more of the same in the future.

There was news relating to voice actors posted earlier this week.  Along with our homemade comparison video, not one but two hearty discussions took place on our forums about the matter.  For now, the post by Karune seems to have settled spirits - suggesting that all decisions are still not final.  SC:L shall do its best to obtain more information while attending BlizzCon.


Blizz News


Again, a wealth of posting has resulted in a rather non-unique feeling to this section.  However, we soldier on!

July's comic contest was finished and winners announced.  ChaosSmurf and LordofAscension shall be attempting their own Dark Templar chest bump during BlizzCon.  Either two hurt ribcages or a being of incalculable power shall be the result.

In case you missed it: BlizzCon's coming!  You can buy a poker set there!  See Ozzy Osborne!  Legally procure authenticators, codes and tiny, tiny marines!  See you there.


Fan Art
Continuing a theme: herethere'slot of it.
Community News


TeamLiquid's Highlander tournament has now finished, the results posted.  Congratulations to the winner.

Blizzard joined the twitterverse and is offering beta keys.  Read the details here and begin following StarCraft here.

BigDownload presents an astonishing tidbit - 20,000 BlizzCon tickets were sold in 8 minutes.  For reference, that is 2,500 a minute and 42 every second.  $5,250 a second, anyone?

That is all for this edition of the Legacy Weekly.  We hope to see you at BlizzCon, please see this thread for attendance information.

The Legacy Weekly approves: Countdown timers.  We're the masters, you know.
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