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StarCraft Legacy's Pimpest Plays 2005

StarCraft over its lifespan has transcended the boundaries of a mere game. It exists today as a form of art reflecting the ingenuity of its masters. The incredible strategies and moments contained within are a testament to the unparalleled depth, versatility, and skill of StarCraft and its players. By reading the following pages, you will see why StarCraft simply remains the best real time strategy game that has ever been created.


StarCraft Legacy welcomes you to its 2005 edition of
Pimpest Plays: Greatest Moments in StarCraft..

One Ling to Rule Them All: Dream.t)dOnKK vs. SalGui

pp05 - oneling.rep

Two Zergs on Rush Hour: SalGui gasses up early while Dream.t)dOnKK gets another Hatchery, both typical ZvZ openings. SalGui attacks first with a group of Zerglings. Dream.t)dOnKK counters with Zerglings of his own and gets to his opponents base. SalGui gets his Spire and Sunken/Zergling wars commence as one Mutalisk forms in SalGui's base. Dream.t)dOnKK pushes with more Zerglings and finally kills off his opponents Sunken, Lings and Drones, but SalGui's lone Mutalisk has caused the same amount of damage in his opponent's base with the only units left being one Mutalisk vs. 6 Zerglings a little past the ten minute mark. The Mutalisk defends his base while the 6 Zerglings attack the three buildings left.


The Zerglings run around like crazy and are microed in such a way that they confuse the Mutalisk but the Mutalisk manages to pick off the Zerglings one by one until there are only two left! With overlord distraction, the last Zergling manages to kill off the Lair right before it dies. There were other submissions that dealt with similar situations but this game had the best execution. This was pure ZvZ entertainment.


Boxer's Wraith Dance: SlayerS_'BoxeR' vs. AnomiA

pp05 - wraithdance.rep

SlayerS_`BoxeR` is the Terran Emperor, being featured in more PP's then any other player. He makes his appearance once again proving he still is worthy of our awe.

In this play, we have BoxeR up against the rising Zerg sparring partner for SK Telecom T1 - AnomiA - on the Requiem. BoxeR ruthlessly destroys any Zerg he finds with no space for his opponent to breathe, but AnomiA is unfazed. In this straight-up micro war, AnomiA refuses to let BoxeR expand. This game is so close they both take each other down below their 40 supply count past the 25 minute mark.

A little past the 35 minute mark, BoxeR begins to mop up Guardians and Lurkers all over. At one point, Boxer has 4 Wraiths (2 cloaked, 2 uncloaked) and Anomia has 9 Scourge. 2 Scourge seek and destroy 1 Wraith. It looks bad for Boxer but he ingeniously takes the uncloaked Wraith and draws all 7 Scourge through dancing left to right, left to right, up and down with impressive micro. While this occurs the two cloaked Wraiths (low on energy) finish off the remaining Scourge.


Boxer's Comeback: Boxer vs.  Pusan

Mirror - Broodwar.de (105.143 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (133.57 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (94.7 MB)
Mirror - You Tube

So1 Starleague semi-finals. The Legend vs. the Protoss rising star in a best-of-5. Boxer was not the favorite that day; Terran vs. Protoss had never been his best matchup and Pusan had crushed nearly every single Terran on his way up here. Fast forward and Boxer has just lost the first two games. It's not looking good at all for him.

The "Emperor of Terran" didn't succeed in playing straight-up in the last two games, that's probably why he decides to go for a proxy double Barracks opening this time, right in the middle of the map. But Pusan spots the buildings right away. The Protoss player is now producing Zealots and Boxer hasn't even started his Factory yet. However, one can never doubt Boxer's godly defensive skills. The Emperor uses great SCV & Marine control to hold on until his first Vulture comes out.


From then on, Boxer makes effective Vulture raids while slowly accumulating his forces, and keeps on showing amazing defence against Pusan's continuous attacks. The Emperor then decides to move out at the perfect timing, just before Pusan's Arbiter tech kicks in. Setting up a great formation in the middle of the map, he punishes the whole of Pusan's army from upper ground and finishes the game shortly after.

That was it. By playing so flawlessly after such a terrible start, Boxer manages to slowly take the upper hand psychologically and exploit all of his opponent's mistakes. He then proceeds to crush Pusan in the following game, pulling off his trademark timing push on R-Point. On the map 815, the emperor looks more determined than ever and ends up on top again, countering every single one of Pusan's attempts.

This is the final GG. The crowd is screaming and chanting his name. And rightfully so, as Boxer has just pulled one of the greatest comebacks ever seen in a series.


Barracks Hop: NaDa vs. KTF_YellOw

pp05 - barrackshop.rep

This play of much pimp comes from the Blizzcon semi-finals, played at the end of October 2005. Yellow won game 1 of 3 on Roads to Antiga Prime, so Nada must win this game to have a shot at the finals.

Nada draws Terran on the right, with Yellow Zerg on the left. Both players take their gas early for faster tech. Yellow goes Lurkers and Nada goes 2 Barracks MMF, but curiously he has not started a Factory yet, and without Dropships he has no way of crossing from his half of the island to Yellow's half.

With a small number of MMF, Nada moves his army to the mineral blockade. He lifts one of his barracks over and...

Nada lands his Barracks beside the minerals, moving his army beneath it before it comes down! His units begin to scatter and slowly he moves them across to Yellow's half of the map! Nada mows down Yellow's few defenders and heads for his main. Yellow tries to defend by morphing a Sunken Colony and 2 Lurkers, but Nada stuns us again by killing them all! To mnm's great chagrin, Yellow GGs.


Boxer's Minetrap: Boxer vs. Anytime

Mirror - Broodwar.de (74.348 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (224.90 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (95.0 MB)
Mirror - You Tube

Game four of the So1 Starleague Finals. Boxer is down 1-2; this could be his last game. He must win this to play the fifth game. Map is Neo Forte. Boxer starts at 7 o'clock, and Anytime at 11 o'clock. As seen in most of the TvP games, the commentators predict an FD-Terran build from Boxer (few Marines, 1 Tank, Vulture with Mines and rush Protoss while expanding). Anytime uses the counter-build to an FD-Terran: the two-gateway power Dragoon push. However, Boxer is in fact not using the FD build.

Boxer begins to build a Factory just below the 3 o'clock expansion, as five Dragoons advance and hold Boxer's choke at 7 o'clock. As soon as the Vultures' upgrades are completed, Boxer sends three Vultures and plants mines evenly along the path of 7 to 11 o'clock. Boxer then sends five Tanks, four Marines and three SCVs to attack the five Dragoons that are holding his choke. As the Dragoons are forced to back up towards their 11 o'clock home base, they fall straight into Boxer's mine-trap, instantly melting five Dragoons. A boxeresque move which is followed by the most intense applause of a crowd one can possibly imagine.




Martyrdom: Boxer vs. Pusan

Mirror - Broodwar.de (183.136 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (243.87 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (94.4 MB)

It is the first match of the So1 OnGameNet Starleague semi-finals. Boxer (Terran of course) and up-and-coming Protoss Pusan are set to fight it out on 815, a semi-island map.

After taking the gas-bearing island nearby, Boxer pours his resources into 3-Starport cloaked Wraiths. Pusan counters this strategy by building Corsairs. But Boxer is undeterred: he attacks Pusan's only expansion with his Wraiths, using Comsat scans to kill Pusan's Observers. This leaves Pusan with a strong fleet of Corsairs but no detection!

However, Pusan isn't going to let a little thing like no detection stop him from saving his expansion...

Pusan attacks his own Corsairs and, despite their invisibility, the splash damage hits all of Boxer's Wraiths as well! In this way Pusan destroys Boxer's air force without any detection and saves his expansion.


Nada's Salvation Army: NaDa vs. GoRush

Mirror - Broodwar.de (83.828 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (85.12 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (85.12 MB)
Mirror - You Tube

Nada draws Terran at 7, GoRush Zerg at 10. At 24:30, GoRush charges Nada's expansion with 15+ Ultralisks from the center - aimed at Nada's forces, composed of a few Marines, 2 Bunkers, 3 Siege Tanks, and most importantly 10+ Medics as well as about 7 Science Vessels.

Nada spontaneously forms a Medic wall in the wide choke spaced 1/4 of a screen from his attack line. Nada then EMPs GoRush's Defilers, only allowing one Dark Swarm to slip through. The Medic wall is perfectly spaced. Only one Ultralisk gets through and the others cannot fit in between the evenly spaced Medics. Dark Swarm lands on the end of both lines, allowing all of Nada's units to fire at GoRush's forces. This move forces him to retreat and allows Nada to change the momentum of the game by retaking middle and razing two expansions.

EMP has been done in TvZ - albeit once in a blue moon - before.
Medic blocking has even been featured in a Pimpest Play before.
Medic blocking and EMP while GoRush is charging your base with Cracklings and Ultras - simply put, that's pimp.



Darkness: Anytime vs. Yellow

Mirror - Broodwar.de (119.046 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (119.65 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (95.3 MB)
Mirror - YouTube

You never Dark Templar rush a Zerg... right? Well, that is how it normally goes. DT rushes are for PvP and PvT, and when it comes to PvZ you don't waste your time on a DT rush because they have that pesky free detection. But this game is not normal, it is a pimpest play. We have Yellow, one of the best Zerg players in the world, versus Anytime, currently one of the top 10 players in the Korean E-sports Rankings, on R-point, bottom left Vs top right. Anytime goes 1 Gate tech and sends his first Zealot out to harass, while Yellow goes for a second Hatchery in his main followed the obligatory Spawning Pool as well as a third Hatchery at his natural expansion. Quickly Anytime gets Templar tech and 2 more Gateways while holding his ramp with 2 Zealots and 1 Probe.

The timing is perfect as before Yellow has any sort of mass production going on, 3 Dark Templars are leaving Anytime's base. Now, normally if you get to a Zerg base and there are 2 overlords in front with a handful of Zerglings and a few Hydras sitting about, you either try to run up the ramp and into the main or you back off. But, you guessed it, this isn't a normal game. Anytime attacks head on and micros his 3 Dark Templars, 2 Zealots and 1 Goon to maximum efficiency, killing all but 2 Hydras but losing his 3 DT. It doesn't matter though as 3 more DT arrive and the assault progresses.

Yellow keeps pumping Zerglings but they keep dying quickly to the powerful DT attack and the DT survive a long time thanks to Anytime's micro. As each Zerg defensive fails, and each attempt to make a creep is stopped, the girls in the crowd scream with joy. Anytime's macro allows him to overpower Yellow and defeat him while only producing 3 Zealots, 1 Dragoon, and lots of DTs. He did exactly what you should never do but he made it work against one of the best Zergs in the world during a live broadcast on Starleague, and that makes this a pimpest play.



Reach's Lockdown: Reach vs. Chojja

Mirror - Broodwar.de (345.619 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (346.40 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (94.4 MB)
Mirror - YouTube

This match is between Reach and Chojja on Rush Hour during the Uzoo MSL Losers' Finals. Near the end of an exhausting battle that lasted almost 75 minutes in which Reach and Chojja had been battling bitterly in what seemed like a race to the end. There were few minerals left and many of the expansions were worthless and/or had been repeatedly destroyed. Reach had several Carriers, High Templar, Archons, Corsairs, and many Dark Archons left. Chojja was amassing an army, consisting of many Mutalisks and lots and lots of Devourers, bent on the annihilation of the Protoss from that world.

Several times it appeared that their great forces would finally clash for the better part of a half hour; however they deftly maneuvered away from each other until finally the two armies engaged. Reach pulled out a brilliant move that left the crowd roaring, he maelstromed the Devourers and a couple of the Mutalisks thus allowing his Corsairs, Carriers, and Archons to destroy almost all of Chojja's forces. Having been down 1-2 in the best-of-5 series this excellent move tied them 2-2, allowing Reach to play in the fifth and deciding game, which he eventually won in the end and thus advanced to the Grand Finals.



Eye for an Eye: July vs. NaDa

Mirror - Broodwar.de (16.347 MB)
Mirror - FileFront (16.42 MB)
Mirror - RapidShare (16.42 MB)
Mirror - You Tube

In this match, Nada plays against July live in the MBCGame Starleague. Nada spawns as Terran at the 7 o'clock position while July spawns as Zerg at the 5 o'clock position in the map R-point. Nada plays aggressively and Bunker rushes July's early expo with Marines and SCVs. The standard tactic is to use Drones and Lings to either destroy the SCV and Bunker or to kill the Marines before they enter the Bunker. Instead of trying to fight Nada off at his expansion, July runs his Drones past the offensive-bunker and counter-rushes Nada's base. He also manages to sneak a group of Zerglings past Nada's rushing units, giving him the power to kill off all of the SCVs and Marines in Nada's base!

Nada's base is in trouble but he decides to sacrifice it. It becomes a rush to see who can kill off the other player first as Nada's 3 Marines and 6 SCVs race up the ramp to July's undefended main base. However, July hatches 4 Zerglings just in time and continues to spawn more. In a beautiful move, July traps all 3 Marines and tears them apart. All hope is lost and Nada concedes to the God of War, July.



In our search for pimp plays, we sought out D22-soso, the originator of Pimpest Plays as stated in PP '02. According to him, a play is considered 'pimp' if it is "something that hasn't been seen before that was actually useful for winning games." However, as stated in the previous Pimpest Plays feature, it was more difficult to find new strategies that have never been done before. The focus this year was on the quality of execution under the circumstance given and of course the wow factor involved. As an added special in Pimpest Plays 2005, we are including an interview of D22-soso here: D22-soso Interview

We would like to thank the following for their contributions to this report:Bill307 - Barracks Hop Write-up, Martyrdom Write-up, Assets (Replay Clips);Carnac - Editing, Uploads;EvilTeletubby - Assets (VODs), Review; instantbunz - Boxer's Minetrap Write-up, Review; LordofAscension - Reach's Lockdown Write-up;mnm - Project Management, One Ling Write-up, Eye for an Eye Write-up, Design, Research, Video Editing, Interview, Uploads, Editing;PoP - Boxer's Comeback Write-up;Qyxvaz - Review;rise - Salvation Army Write-up, Editing;rS.Day[9] - Review;sMi.Newb - Darkness Write-up;T_v - Wraith Dance Write-up; XG3 - Naming, Editing, Design. Many thanks to Project: Revolution for allowing us to use their Hatchery in our PP banner/logo.

We look forward to a high quality product for next year, we hope you enjoyed the 2005 Pimpest Plays! Good luck, have fun, and let your creativity guide you!

- StarCraft Legacy

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