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StarCraft2.net.pl, a Polish fansite, has also interviewed Dustin Browder this past week. The interview discusses how much longer the beta will last, Battle.net II features that will be included in the future and how team multi-player modes will be balanced as time goes on.

StarCraft2.net.pl: How long do you expect that the beta test will last?

Dustin Browder: We’re definitely gonna push it as long as we can, we have some hardware deployment that we have to do. We’re definitely be going on here for about another month and then we’ll see what we can do after that. When we have to deploy hardware, when we have to bring it down, prepare for launch but we’re gonna run as long as we possibly can.

StarCraft2.net.pl: This will be few days before release date or maybe some more?

Dustin Browder: It won’t be necessarily just a few days. We do have to take down the servers to prepare for the launch so there will be some time between the launch and when the beta comes down. I don’t know how long it’s gonna be right now. There will be at least couple weeks or maybe more where the beta is down before launch.

Click here to read the Polish interview and its English translation.


StarCraft2.net.pl - Dustin Browder Interview
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