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Update: Blizzard has confirmed that the future BlizzCon won't be in Vegas. Please disregard this news post.

A quick look at the Las Vegas Convention Center website reveals an interesting booking for this upcoming summer: BlizzCon 2010! The date is also interesting, being at the end of July, leading into August.  One could easily speculate, since Most BlizzCons historically have been tied to a large announcment or release, that this BlizzCon could coincide with the release of StarCraft II.  Which if we're not mistaken, up until now, has been more of a mythical creature than an actual video game being released onto shelves.

The World Series of Poker takes place in las Vegas in July as well, so basically the two greatest things in the world will be together at the same place at the same time: Blizzard and Texas Hold 'Em!  Several SC:L staff members will be there, including SaharaDrac and LordofAscension. So start planning your trips now!

Las Vegas Convention Center Website
Battle.net - Clarification - BlizzCon 2010 not at Vegas

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