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As posted earlier this month, the Battle.net World Championship Series is coming to Shanghai, China on November 17 and 18. The WCS site is up, with updates about the event set to be posted there. And, last but not least, we here at StarCraft: Legacy are giving out ten tickets for WCS via a simple giveaway.


The ten tickets we received from Blizzard are for entry into the event; flight tickets, hotel reservations, and any other type of travel expense is not paid for with the ticket. If you do win a ticket, you will have to acquire your own flight to Shanghai, China. With this in mind, all contestants are asked to participate only if they are able to travel to the event and also wish to attend the event. That being said, these ten tickets we are giving out are a must-get for eSports enthusiasts.

Here's what's going to happen: five questions about StarCraft will pop up on the StarCraft: Legacy Twitter page, one each day for five days, and two lucky people who answered the day's question correctly will each receive a ticket to the Battle.net World Championship Series! It's allowed for participants to answer as many questions as they want, but a single person may not win multiple tickets. For the best chance to win, one should answer all five questions correctly, then hope for the best. The first question will be posted later today, and contestants must send their answer to the StarCraft: Legacy Twitter for their chance to win.

Winners will be announced and contacted at the end of the giveaway; that is, a day or two after all five questions have been posted. For news on WCS, check out the WCS 2012 site and the official StarCraft II site. For those wishing to watch the WCS from home, the WCS Twitch.tv stream will be airing the event for everyone's convenience. For everyone participating in our giveaway, good luck, and check back to our Twitter daily for the questions!

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