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Welcome to StarCraft: Legacy's post-coverage wrap-up of StarCraft II at BlizzCon 2009! The first major bit of news to come out of BlizzCon 2009 is the fact that beta rhetoric has shifted from "later this summer" to "still in 2009". LordofAscension and even one of our forum members asked Dustin Browder when the beta will hit, to which, after some cajoling, he gave the surprisingly frank answer of November or December. Though beta has been further delayed, Dustin Browder noted earlier that "this delay has been a blessing for us".

Cinematics in StarCraft II will be amazing! The Kerrigan vs. Zeratul Wings of Liberty introduction cinematic will be over 9 minutes long. Kerrigan's abandonment at New Gettysburg, one of Raynor's nightmares, will be rendered into a full-fledged CGI cinematic. See our BlizzCon 2009 photo gallery for a few previews of Sarah Kerrigan in the cinematic. The Marine Nuke art is a scene from this cinematic.

starcraft: legacy blizzcon 2009 coverage

We have extracted every bit of information from the BlizzCon 2009 StarCraft II panels. Check them out:

In case you'd like to watch the last three panels, click on the following buttons. Though a BlizzCon PR rule required video footage to be split into four minute segments, these YouTube playlist links will allow you to watch all the segments without interruption:


Also, this video shows a sneak peak into Blizzard's StarCraft II development area with our first look at the UI of the Galaxy Map Editor.

starcraft: legacy blizzcon 2009 coverage

ChaosSmurf gives us his thoughts on the StarCraft II single player he played at BlizzCon 2009:

A lovely bit of detail is that, while not everyone has a planned dialogue interaction, everyone in a scene will usually have something to say if you click on them; with multiple permutations. For example, there are two NPCs sat in the bar. If you interact with them they do not talk directly to Raynor but instead between themselves, discussing events on the ship. Raynor himself is also clickable, commenting on his current situation when clicked upon.


Read the rest here.

starcraft: legacy blizzcon 2009 coverage

For BlizzCon tournament and contest winners see the BlizzCon.com Coverage website, which will also feature the StarCraft II exhibitions matches eventually. Those matches can be seen in the meantime in the following lower quality videos:

Pen (Protoss) vs Beckham (Protoss)

David Kim and Matt vs Billy and Yeon-Ho Lee - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

starcraft: legacy blizzcon 2009 coverage

Dread_reaper, Supersonic and SaharaDrac all attended BlizzCon this year and have compiled their findings into the BlizzCon 2009 SC:L Member StarCraft II Gameplay Blogs.

Included is a summary of the air force for all three races:

RAVEN – 100 Minerals, 200 Vespene Gas, 2 Supply. The Raven requires a Tech Lab to be attached to your Starport.

The Raven is the Terran’s new caster air unit. It has a design that I really like, with sleek wings flowing back from a central ebon cockpit. I had heard from other users before this BlizzCon that spamming the Raven’s auto-turret ability was highly effective against unprepared opponents. The Auto-Turret is a 50 energy spell that drops a small machine gun turret at a target location, with a ground to ground attack. The damage of these turrets was nothing to write home about, but the length of their lives and their durability were quite impressive. If left untended, 2 turrets had enough lifespan to destroy a Protoss Nexus, slowly but surely. Another fun use I found for the Turrets was when someone came up my choke with a Terran infantry squad and ran into my Siege Tank fire. I used my two Ravens to block the ramp they came in from, and they found themselves trapped, trying to take down the sturdy turrets while they took fire from my tanks behind them.


Each member also did a Q&A:

Q: What is the criteria for a victory in a multiplayer game...shall we assume the destruction of all buildings still? Furthermore, will all building be revealed once a player's last main is destroyed?

A: To win a match you need to destroy all the opponents buildings. Once all the Command Centers, Nexuses, etc all the players buildings get revealed in about 30~ seconds.

Q: Are the macro mechanics working like expected, or do they get too repetitive after a while? What about their mineral-only aspect? Does that work late game, or the mineral-only units are getting smashed by superior tech, anyways? Won't the mineral/gas ratio skew gameplay to basic units and static defenses?

A: One thing I did not like about the game how it is, is the fact that while playing Protoss and using PC I got a TON of minerals, like a LOT!! And I could make a bajillion Zealots, Terrans "Mule Calldown" is almost counter productive, you have to pay 150 minerals to have your Command Center stop doing anything for about 60 seconds at least just to upgrade to Orbital Command.


Read the rest here.

starcraft: legacy blizzcon 2009 coverage

A complete video and comprehensive summary of the BlizzCon 2009 fansite Q&A with Dustin Browder can be found here.

starcraft: legacy blizzcon 2009 coverage

StarCraft: Legacy has shot several unique photos from BlizzCon 2009, which includes pre-rendered images of a few key characters:

Sarah Kerrigan - Ghost tychus findlay jim raynor - starcraft 2

There are many other awesome photos in our BlizzCon 2009 gallery - see them all here! If you still crave more, there are over 400 photos on BlizzLive's Flickr.

For anything that we might have missed check out our sum-up article of BlizzCon coverage around the web! Yet there are still a few more things we have to share with you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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